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Is Stinky Kitty Poo Getting You Down?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written for Litter Genie . Product and/or payment was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

For the longest time, I thought something was seriously wrong with my cats. I’ve never smelled poo so horribly putrid and disgusting. How it’s coming from such cute kitties in beyond me. I’ve tried everything short of giving them a deodorizing enema. Whatever is causing the intense smell coming out of my cat’s butts has both me and my veterinarian stumped. I only feed them quality cat food and use the best cat litter. My vet has done extensive testing and can’t find anything wrong with them either. No bacterial or viral infections, no organ issues, diseases, or anything at all. They’ve both been checked out extensively and the results come back clean every time. I guess my cats just have stinky poo.

When you have smelly cats like mine, you find yourself cleaning the litter box almost constantly. You’ll go through garbage bags like crazy and feel like all you do when you’re at home is walk bath and forth to the trash can. It got to the point for me that I was seriously thinking about finding my furry little feline friends another home until I found out about Litter Genie®.

Litter Genie® is an incredibly easy to use and effective cat litter disposal system. It stores up to two weeks of cat litter (one for two cats) and locks away odors like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Litter Genie® not only cut out our odor problem, it also solved the problem of going back and forth to the trash can all day. We keep it right next to the litter box so we can scoop the poop then forget about it.

The secrets to Litter Genie’s odor fighting awesomeness is its airtight design, seven layer bags, and cutting edge odor fighting technology. Not even the powerful smell of my cat’s poo can permeate its barriers. Litter Genie® is incredibly effective, sleekly designed, and takes up less space than our litter box. Its small stature makes it an absolutely purrfect fit for any size home!

You can pick up a Litter Genie® Pail for $14.99 – $16.99 and refills are $5.99 – $35.99.  Refills usually last two months for one cat. They are available in both two and four-pack options. Litter Genie® is sold at Petco, Pet Smart, Target, Walmart, Amazon.com, Chewy.com and pretty much every other retailer where pet products are sold.

For more detailed product information and find a retailer near you, visit littergenie.com. You can also find Litter Genie® on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you’re serious about banishing cat litter odors from your home, Litter Genie® is a product you can’t live without!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I am definitely getting one of these. Thanks for the heads up.