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Start Your Day With Special K® Red Berries

Tracking PixelMy breakfast cereal of choice for some time has been Special K® Red Berries so when they reached out to me to see if I might be interested in working with them it was pretty much a no-brainer. You see, I ate them from the get-go so hearing that they were adding even more berries just blew my mind.

red berries

I should probably tell you I eat Special K Red Berries cereal because it is nutrient-rich and calorie-smart, but the truth of the matter is they are just delicious whole grains with lots of yummy strawberries. That’s it. Nothing fancy. It’s just loaded with real strawberries and a bunch of deliciousness. Granted, the whole grains, folic acid, vitamin D, and whole grains is a sweet bonus.

special k red berries

When I got this box of Special K Red Berries with more berries the first thing I did was look at my other box to compare the strawberries. I already thought it had a lot to begin with so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I realized they added a lot more and it was even better. I wouldn’t have imagined it if it weren’t for the fact I actually got to try it. This is my son’s favorite cereal because the strawberries taste so fresh and truly complement the whole grain flakes.


Learning more about Special K Red Berries I heard a mention about Folate. Have you ever heard of Folate? I don’t think I have or if so I wasn’t sure what it was but it’s tailored to women managing their weight. One bowl has 35% of your daily value of Folate. Now, that’s something that really interests me!

Do you like berries in your cereal?

Have you tried Special K Red Berries?

special k

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Special K® Red Berries.


  1. mary ambrosino says

    I loveberies inmycereal and i will try these

  2. I love berries in cereal! Will have to try these. Do you know what the sugar content is in this?

    Kayla xx

  3. You know what got me thinking? I haven’t had cereal in YEARS, okay except for that one time last week I ate Trader Joe’s bran flakes. I don’t even know why! I’m just not a huge breakfast person. My mouth is so watering right now with those strawberries in the Special K! I remember how good Special K tasted “way back when”… I should really step up my cereal game. 🙂

  4. I LOVE Strawberries and I used to beg for this cereal, then I got older and bought it myself and well there weren’t many strawberries at that time and the ones you did get were tiny flakes so I stopped buying it. I’m so very excited to see the big pieces or strawberries and I am definitely picking this up!

  5. I’ve never tried Special K, let alone Special K with Berries, but these look delicious! Thanks for spreading the word 🙂

  6. I haven’t had Special K in years, but it was once my favorite cereal. I like that they’ve added more strawberries. Yum!

  7. Yum! I haven’t tried Special K yet usually because it’s a coffee toast thing for me in the mornings, but I do love cereal. I just have it as a snack more than a morning breakfast thing.

  8. I really need to try these out. I’m definitely a fan of Special K and this sounds like it’s even better.

  9. There is nothing better than lots of berries in your cereal. This looks like a great way to start the day. Or even as a nighttime snack.

  10. This is a great cereal! I love that its a healthier option instead of super sugary cereals to eat.

  11. I love berries in my cereal. This looks like a yummy way to start the day – and a healthy start at that!

  12. I’m more of a muesli type of gal, but are also a complete sucker for berries. You can never go wrong with berries! I always keep a bag (or two) of berries in the freezer and add it to my yogurt, deserts or just eating it plain.

  13. Some people add berries to their cereal. It’s nice the K berries have it already in their cereals. It can really add more flavor and nutrition value to cereals.

  14. I’ve thought about trying special K cereals before.
    Maybe now I”ll have the push to try them.

  15. This cereal is delicious. I like how it makes me feel ready to conquer the day and feeling good.

  16. I actually bought some Special K recently and I need to eat it! I always forget how good it is…LOL!

  17. That Operation Backpack is great!! So wonderful that they gave you money for that. Looks like you guys had a great time in the Tundra:). I love in WA, and nearby GMC had a program where they let us Bloggers try out some of their new vehicles. We took it to Montana. I wonder if it’s a similar program. So cool!

  18. I have always been a big fan of Special K! It really does help you lose weight, and tastes delicious.

  19. yum! i always love special k and strawberries add the perfect taste!

    Sandy a la Mode

  20. Who doesn’t love strawberries?!? Yum this looks like a great easy breakfast! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. I love berries in my cereal. I’m gonna head to the grocery today and look for this. Thanks!