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Spring Project: Cleaning and Organizing My Office #Giveaway

If you haven’t noticed I have a lot of spring cleaning type posts up lately.  It’s all a part of my promise to myself to become more organized and less cluttered in 2013.  One of my largest projects this year is getting my home office up to par so that it’s functional and conducive of productivity.  That means clearing out a bunch of crap stuff that is no longer needed and finding a suitable storage for the things I want to keep.


Spring Project: Cleaning & Organizing My Office

DisclosureFortunately for me I was chose as a Fellowes Bankers Box Stackable Storage Ambassador!  As part of the ambassadorship I was given a package of various size Fellowes Bankers Box Stackable Storage boxes to organize my office.  As you can see from the photograph I am going to need a lot of encouragement.

This is my confession.  I hoard information.  I don’t hoard trash.  I’m aware that trash should go into the trash.  I don’t have empty food containers laying around or anything like that however if you want to see the very first picture I colored on the very first day of school over 42 years ago, I have it.  If you want to read about my 19 year old son’s day at daycare on July 12, 1995 I can show you that too.  I have every manual from everything I ever purchased.  I have  copy of my paystubs from the very first job I ever had over 30 years ago.  If you ever sent me anything via USPS there is a good chance I still have it somewhere in my office.  I am a hoarder of information both in paper form and digital form.

#GetOrganized and win #BankersBoxes @lisasamples

My Challenge To You – Giveaway

As I transform my office this month I want to challenge you to tackle something in your home as well.  How about a giveaway for you to win some Fellowes Bankers Box Stackable Storage products of your own?
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You can also visit Fellowes Bankers Box on Facebook and enter their ‘Messiest Closet’ Contest.  Readers can enter to win a consultation with a professional organizer from the National Association of Professional Organizers and receive up to $500 in free Bankers Box Stackable Storage products!

About Fellowes Bankers Box Stackable Storage Products

One of the reasons I decided to use the Fellowes brand is because they are known for their high quality bankers boxes, but this particular line is especially stylish.  The clear windows makes it easy to identify what’s inside.  This is of particular importance considering I will probably need more boxes than most people and reading a million labels might be asking too much.  I also appreciate the fact that they are made from 60% recycled content that makes them a more environmentally friendly choice!

You can find them on Amazon this month in a variety of sizes with special promotional pricing!

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Fellowes Bankers Boxes. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  


  1. in my closet

  2. My challenge will be our office closet. We have boxes and boxes and totes filled to the max. We always say we will get to it but never have. Great post and it is about time we get organized.

  3. Stuff from my bedroom would go into the boxes, into our closet, and maybe garage.

  4. D SCHMIDT says

    I would use them to hide away my Husband’s numerous piles of useless papers 😉

  5. I would use them in my office to store all that stuff — the stuff i need (i think) but rarely use.

  6. Jennifer B says

    my closet I have pictures and papers everywhere it’s horrible

  7. Katie Contests says

    I’d use this is my office… I have too much clutter to deal with!

  8. Suzie Williams says

    I would use them in my closet.

  9. Harmony b says

    I would use them in my bedroom/office.

  10. in my closet to put all my photo albums in one place! 🙂

  11. Claire Bamundo says

    OMG! I am in desperate need of these boxes. Our shared guest room / slash office is a disaster! Unorganized papers, bills and business trip swag, nick nacks, photos, pens—you name it. I love the colors as they are universal. Even my husband can get on board with the slick black and white print. The ‘peek’ window is great as well. So you can actually see what is in the boxes!

  12. nannypanpan says

    i would use them in the basement for some of my sons special items that we can’t part with

  13. Rhonda Grisham says

    In my craft room. What a mess it is. lol

  14. I’d use these in my bedroom closet.

  15. I need to organize my studio.

  16. im my messy closet!

  17. to organize my closets
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  18. Nicole Vosburgh says

    I would use these storage boxes in my office.

  19. I would organize my hall closet…A.K.A. the junk repository.

  20. I’d love to organize my daughters crafts with them!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  21. For storing my hubby’s old grad school stuff!

  22. carol roberts says

    in my bedroom


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