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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget the Oven #EOSpringCleaning

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget the Oven

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Now that spring is officially here it’s time for the dreaded spring cleaning. We started last week with our kitchen. Not only do we clean and wipe down the walls, windows, floors, and cupboards but we spend a lot of time on the things INSIDE too. That means a lot of organizing of mismatched plastic containers and checking labels of expired spices and other items. It also means a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator and oven.

Easy-Off After

No one hates cleaning the oven more than I do. There is nothing worse than cleaning all the gunk that has been sitting on the bottom of your oven for weeks. Not only is it dried on and crispy but most of the time it is greasy too. However I found that the Easy-Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner does the job better than any other product on the market. I guess that’s why it’s the #1 oven cleaner. The powerful formula eliminates baked-on grease and food spills; if you don’t believe me just check out my before and after photos. Easy-Off has 5x more grease-cutting power than the leading all-purpose cleaner.

I prefer the Heavy Duty because it cuts through the toughest grease in less than 5 minutes and since spring cleaning is so cumbersome time is of the essence. All I did was wipe out all the mess (and burned chickpeas) from the bottom of my oven and sprayed it on. I let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes while I did dishes and then wiped it clean. It was that easy! If you have children or pets you might want to consider using the Fume Free because it is safe to use in your self-cleaning ovens and emits no caustic fumes.

I’m a firm believer that you don’t want to spend unnecessary time cleaning your oven.

Use Easy-Off for a quick & effective clean.
“Life is better when the cleaning’s EASY.”

Also, when you get to cleaning the outdoors don’t forget your barbecue grill! Easy-Off is perfect for cleaning that too. What a great way to start the grilling season.

How are you doing with your #springcleaning?

This is a sponsored article, but results and opinions are my own.


  1. WOW, that did a great job on your oven. No fumes? I’m going to try it.

  2. I;m impressed- I hate cleaning the oven and with the holidays coming I know my oven is going to be a mess so it’s nice to know I can use Easy Off with no fumes and it’s easy! Better put it on my list

  3. Mary Ambrosino says

    Wow…that works great. I hate cleaning the oven but this sounds easy…


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    Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget the Oven #EOSpringCleaning The post Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget the Oven…