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So Long Data Hog We Are Doing Data Done Right

Disclosure“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Virgin Mobile USA which is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands. I received two Virgin Mobile smartphones to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. ”

Virgin Mobile Data Done Right (3 of 3)

One of our biggest problems with Little James (who now wants to be called Jim) is that he is the biggest data hog in the family, followed closely by his father. If his face isn’t into Minecraft he is on YouTube watching videos of others playing Minecraft. I don’t get it. How can someone spend so much time watching others play? Regardless, he was hogging our data and so we found another option, Data Done Right. Data Done Right Single Line and Multi-line Data Sharing plans are available exclusively at Walmart. They allow me to divvy up the data however I see fit and with a chore chart I’m getting more housework done than ever. I’m trading GBs for chores!

Virgin Mobile Data Done Right (1 of 3)

Now if my kids want to watch YouTube, text, or play a game they can do laundry for data. Who thought of this? It’s brilliant.  The phone came pre-loaded with the Virgin Mobile application. The application provides data buy-ups with one touch from your device such as “Facebook without Data Charges”  for $5 or Music without Data Charges for an additional $5. We shared a $90, 10 GB plan for up to 3-phones and ended the month with data to spare thanks to these add-ons. Our multi-line plan also came with a free mobile hotspot feature that really saves the day when we travel and need to use the laptop with no internet available!

But what is my favorite feature of the Data Done Right plan?

Virgin Mobile Data Done Right (2 of 3)

Parental control!

I love that I can set Jim’s (I’m never gonna get used to calling him Jim) phone to pretty much inoperable after 8pm on a school night. It’s like a curfew for his device that allows me to set restrictions to his apps as well. I don’t know how many times I’ve caught Mr. Sly with his phone under the blankets watching YouTube videos and texting…but I’ll save that for another post.

Second best thing?

No additional monthly line fees. No contract.



Overall we really found the Virgin Mobile option was a great fit for our family, especially for our youngest son who can’t seem to grasp the idea that data comes at a price. I no long have to be surprised with a bill that’s got tons of overage on it. Have no fear, no contract and no monthly fees doesn’t mean you get less, not with Virgin Mobile!  Heck, it even covered me when I was in Canada a couple weeks ago with the flexible international calling/texting options. Since Virgin Mobile is part of the Sprint® Nationwide Network I expected it to be top notch!

I was right.

Follow along (and feel free to steal my chore chart idea with the Chore Chart How-To Video)

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