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Shopping for a Home: Top Tips Every Millennial Should Consider

Are you one of the many millennials or young adults who has learned that having your own residence is much cheaper than renting? If so, it’s still important to use the right approach when shopping for a home. 

Know your budget and financial sources

One thing’s for sure, first-time buyers can easily get lost in the process without help. It’s important to look in the right direction to find the best deals in the real estate market. Using the right technologies and methods, it’s possible to find a home that perfectly suits your preferences.

A good rule for any first-time real estate buyer is: Always consider the financial resources available at hand. A home is the investment of a lifetime, and it’s one that doesn’t come cheap. When you decide to purchase a home for the first time, consider first how much you currently have in savings, and how much you can pay down annually.

Equally crucial is the type of mortgage you choose. Usually, down payments for mortgages run about 20% of the total sales price, and that doesn’t include the closing fees. You can still find the best mortgage products with enough research. You can search online for lenders with deals specifically catered to young adults such as yourself. Otherwise, you might want to open up a new income stream by taking up a part-time job or gig.

Know where to buy

If you have already saved enough to afford the down payment, it’s only a matter of looking for the right area to buy your first home. This can take some time, but using the right methods, you will eventually find cities or towns with features that let you settle peacefully.

An important strategy when buying real estate is finding emerging markets. These are communities where there is consistent job growth, easy access to basic utilities and emergency services, as well as steadily increasing home values.

For this, you can search for listings on sites like Realtor.com and Zillow.   You can also use real estate apps such as Redfin, which allow you to find properties that fit your lifestyle.

Engage sellers

The real estate market has always been competitive. Sellers can easily find buyers who are in the right position to acquire a property right now. That makes buying an uphill challenge for the many millennial buyers who need to get the best homes for the best value.

Engaging sellers has to be the most crucial part of shopping for a home since it involves complex dynamics. These challenges are easily addressed by a real estate agent who has the expertise to represent you in a real estate transaction. That being said, you need to find a “buyer’s agent” you can trust.

After that, it’s also crucial to write a real estate offer letter that will help you close the purchase. Remember to be frank and serious with your offer. A properly composed offer is more likely to result in a sale.

Using these basic tips, you can finally find the home of your dreams. Remember to act fast and build your dreams as soon as you can!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Great article, I had not heard of redfin before this, Thanks for the tips.