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Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, you’re in luck! It’s a seller’s market in the housing industry and there’s no better time to begin preparing your home. The recent housing shortage nationwide ensures that your house is a hot commodity, especially if you spruce it up from the inside out. There are many aspects to consider to bring up the value of your home and attain the highest selling price possible. From simple color scheme changes and design choices to larger scale exterior plans, there’s plenty of choices you can make to increase your home’s overall appeal.

Interior Design

Interior design is truly an art in its own right, and there’s something to be said for staging your house in the most aesthetically pleasing way. You want those who are interested in your property to be able to see themselves living in the space and making it their own one day.  Give the walls a refreshing cool tone that won’t get annoying and that will easily go with different furniture styles. Accentuate any window size and shape with blinds from a company like Look Blinds that offers many versatile options. From Venetian to Roman, different styles of blinds can add visual interest. A light filtering option that allows the sun to shine through will cheer up a room.

As far as furniture goes, make sure there aren’t too many textures clashing. This makes for a cohesive impression upon entering any space. There’s no need to run out and purchase brand new pieces for the whole house. Simply reshuffle what you have to get the best and most cost-efficient result. Strategically-placed fresh flowers will give a clean and friendly final touch to the interior areas.

Exterior Projects

The exterior of the house deserves as much attention to detail as the inside. As the homeowner, you might be used to seeing your house the way it is and may not pay much attention to certain aspects. As prospective buyers, others will be interested in these seemingly harmless characteristics to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth. This includes the roof — a simple structure that provides vital protection. Yours probably does the job, but does it look and perform at its highest possible level? Residential metal roofing is an option that offers a fresh look while providing a high-quality guard against the elements. Don’t forget to explore options for the most immediately visible part of your home — the siding. Boost the curb appeal by using a company that provides maintenance-free siding. This choice renews the house itself and allows you to brag about the energy efficiency that your house provides. This adds value that some potential buyers might not have considered.

Backyard Appeal


Add interest to your house by revamping the backyard. This area can easily be turned into a relaxing retreat. Declutter by placing unsightly toys and tools in a storage shed or organized garage. Patio furniture will add a level of comfort to the space. Try adding modern light options to brighten up the yard at night. A colorful garden and casually placed potted plants will freshen up any theme. Consider resodding your lawn to maximize the feeling of health. Choose a grass option that will be easy to care for and easy to revitalize after colder months. A little backyard landscaping will go a long way towards selling your home.


Every house has a foundation that supports it, but have you checked on yours recently? This part of the home is thought of very little, yet it is the reason it stands at all. Selling your house warrants checking out this underground structure. If you find a faulty foundation, it’s as easy as calling a company like Acculevel to handle the foundation repair process. This will better stabilize the ground underneath your home, and decrease the chances of further structural damage that might not be noticed soon enough. This could include cracked walls or unlevel floors. Future owners will be thankful for this useful update.

Prepping your house to be put on the market can be a time-consuming and multi-step progression. Let yourself get creative with interior projects, but don’t be afraid to hire outside resources for those bigger exterior projects. They might even save you money in the long run, while still allowing you to be a part of the design and installation process. A top to bottom makeover will revitalize the appearance of your house and it may just sell itself.