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Savor the Flavor Great Gift Ideas for the Vaper You Know and Love

Humanity is adopting healthier lifestyles, but we’re still not quite ready to get rid of our most stubborn vices. Major adjustments in social behavior and alternative solutions have helped those addicted to nicotine. Some of the most recent adjustments involve the use of e-cigs and vapor supplies. While vaping is still a form of smoking, the vape “juice” is inhaled and exhaled as a cleaner form of thick vapor as opposed to the acidic smoke of rolled cigarettes. If someone you know or love has made the switch from smoking to vaping, offering support through a gift can go a long way towards improving their health and encouraging the act of potentially quitting the smoking habit altogether. But where does the vaping gift giver begin?

A Winner for Beginners

Smoking still remains the topmost preventable cause of chronic and fatal health issues in America, and almost 10% of fatalities are due to secondhand smoke. One of the main reasons people switch to vaping is due to their inability to quit smoking cold turkey or continually falling off the wagon whenever they’ve tried. Vaping has been proven as a successful alternative to kicking smoking to the curb.

However, many people actually enjoy the taste of tobacco, and vaping can seem like a poor substitute at first. Vape fluid comes in multiple flavors for every palate, including different strengths of tobacco, spiced tobacco, cigar, pipe, and menthol flavors. Pick and choose or opt for a sample pack so the gift recipient can decide what he or she prefers. Such a thoughtful and supportive gift can be the kick a longtime smoker needs to feel like they’re making an easier transition.

Sweets for the Sweet

If your loved one has a sweet tooth or specific recurring craving, evolving and expanding vape fluid flavors can pull double duty. Some people opt to vape to sample and enjoy their favorite flavors without the extra calories and health issues associated with stuffing their faces with the actual treats. Delicious dessert flavored vape options include ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate varieties, rice pudding, crème brûlée, pineapple yogurt, orange creamsicle, lemon tart, birthday cake, buttercream frosting, and apple strudel. Straightforward fruit flavors in berry varieties, grape, peach, apple and tropical fruit blends can be vaped alone or combined with a few drops of menthol for an extra kick. If your vape fan is a coffee or specific beverage junkie, vape solutions in coffee varieties, cola and soda flavors, hot chocolate, and even gin or rum can ensure your gift won’t soon be forgotten.

Surprise Them with a New Setup

Vaping can be a challenge until the vaper really gets the hang of it. Unlike cigarettes that are simply lit, vaping requires specific equipment that can be quite costly or add up quickly in price. As many new vapers don’t really appreciate fancy gifts that make them look and feel like a newbie, that actually makes gift giving easier. Vape pens are easy product solutions that function and feel similarly to real cigarettes. They can be paired with a tube or box mode with a high-powered battery system, or the gift giver can opt for different types so the user can interchange and decide which one they prefer. In either case, full kits make vaping an easy and almost effortless switch from smoking. And they’re simple, appreciated, and often surprisingly affordable gift solutions.

Help Keep the Sizzle and Avoid the Fizzle

Electronic smoking (vaping) requires specific equipment and vapor supplies that tend to wear out or run out quickly. New and established vapers always need strong or extra batteries to ensure their equipment actually works when a craving hits. A gift of multiple batteries or the newest extended-length vape battery for their specific system is a great way to support their life change. Multiple colors and design options make battery packs an easy and fun way to fit into the vaper’s personality.

If mods and batteries are covered, extra coils make great gifts as well. Coils are small but essential parts of the vaping system. Used to heat the fluid and create the actual vapor, the pen or kit won’t function if the coils are burned out. A typical vaper may go through one or several coils per month, depending on the system used and the frequency of their vaping. While a pack of coils may seem like a cheap or thoughtless gift to you, several packs can actually create a special, worry-free gift any vaper would truly appreciate.

Vaping was mentioned on Twitter alone over 300,000 times between 2012 and 2015. So vaping is sweeping the world as a socially acceptable alternative to traditional smoking for millennials and the hipster crowd. Regardless of the reasons for switching, research continually states vaping is less toxic than conventional cigarettes. The right vapor supplies can create a supportive gift that may lead to ongoing healthier and happier lifestyle changes. And since the gifts can be ordered right from your favorite digital device, you don’t even need to leave your home or office. How’s that for a win-win?

Isabel Barrett is a vaper. She quit smoking traditional cigarettes with the help of vaping and hasn’t looked back. She now enjoys writing about all the variations available, sharing tips for new vapors as well as reviews.