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Saving Money: Educating Yourself About Energy Consumption

Have you looked at your gas or electric bill lately? If you have you probably noticed there are tons of different fees and charges and numbers that look foreign.  I know without the help of a translator I have a hard time deciphering my energy bills.  However, there are websites out there that will not only help you read your bill but will even help you find the least expensive marketer.  Money Supermarket energy comparison has a lot of great resources to help you even a great article that breaks down bills via line item.

Why is this important?  It can save you money.  For instance in February when I got my water bill I noticed it had tripled.  I knew that I had not used any more water than normal so I immediately reported it to my landlord.  I had not noticed any leaks anywhere in the home and I had not heard water running so I was sure there had to be a plumbing issue somewhere or an error in the companies reporting. When I got my gas bill the following month I noticed that had tripled as well and the problem was narrowed down to a mechanical problem with our hot water heater.

Yes, companies do make mistakes and it isn’t uncommon for meter reading to be estimated instead of actual.  If they under estimate the reading one month you will required to pay the difference the following month.  I had a case once where they estimated 3 months in a row and on the 4th month I was hit with a huge bill.  Be diligent at reading and understanding your bills.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Great advice especially in this economy.

  2. Being aware with this matter is really great, linked upon new ideas is the same as learning from it…

  3. I completely agree Money Supermarket is great. They offer some very handy energy saving tips, so that you can save more money on your utilities bill. What I like best is that I can compare various suppliers and find the ones with best tariffs, this allows to switch between energy suppliers.

  4. I certainly agree with you Lisa. It’s very important to save money for the future. And it’s our right to know if the electric or water company is asking the right amount we we have to pay for them. We should pay what we just consumed.

  5. Thanks for this great ideas, I know that this will bring a huge help to all in saving money and energy use…

  6. Ashleen Moreen says

    Hello, thanks for the information. It is really important to know about on how to save energy at home because as the years go by the the rate of the electricity is increasing. Thanks a lot for sharing such great ideas here.