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Safeway Florida Stores Grand Opening

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Safeway. The opinions, images, and text are all mine.

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This weekend, I visited one of the three Safeway stores that opened last month in Florida. In June, Safeway opened new stores in Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, and Orlando. After merging with Safeway, the last remaining Albertsons in the state were transformed in order to provide an unmatched shopping experience. These newly renovated stores boast new savings programs, grocery delivery, and many other new offerings. I always love visiting a new grocery store and was super excited to check it all out. After downloading the Safeway App to see what kind of deals I could expect, I was off to the store to rack up my savings.


When we arrived in the parking lot and were greeted with a smile and a sales flyer, we knew we were in for a unique experience. What sort of grocery store does such a thing?

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After a brief pause to check out the deals of the day, we stepped through the doors and begun our shopping adventure.

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When you shop Safeway be sure not to come on an empty stomach. As soon as I walked through the doors I was bombarded with the smells of freshly prepared foods and Starbucks coffee. The combination of smells are intoxicating.

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They have an impressive selection of artesian sandwiches and assortment of freshly made sushi.

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This place is loaded with snack trays and quality meats.

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With all the options available on the hot and cold food bars shopping hungry could be a risky proposition.

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I could easily leave a place like this with much more than would fit in my refrigerator.

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Safeway is a perfect destination for lunch or dinner.

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If that wasn’t enough to make you hungry just look at all this crispy fried chicken.

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If you are looking for an already cooked meal you’ve come to the right place.

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While making our way over to the deli and bakery we were greeted at every turn with a smile and a sample.

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The deli is packed full of quality meats which are cut skillfully by the most cheerful employees. Everyone we met seemed to really enjoy their job.

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We were amazed at the expanded food selections. Our favorite isle was the ethnic foods isle. Here you can find a little bit of everything.

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Savings are everywhere here.

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I love grape leaves.

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The juice selection here is impressive. Along with all the popular brands, Safeway has their own freshly juiced options you can sample in-store.

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You can even pick up wheatgrass here.

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Safeway has an expanded natural and Organic foods section with all sorts of healthy options.

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The meat department has a superb selection of the best cuts.

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Now that’s some mighty fine marbling.

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You can even pick up a slab of black forest bacon.

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Safeway has all our favorite seafood too!

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Here you can pick up your favorite beverages including a wide selection of local and craft beers.

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Although tempted, we stuck to our list and purchased what we came for. Just a few odds and ends… When it comes time to shop we will definitely be making the trip back to Altamonte Springs. The combination of savings, selection and customer service are just too good to pass up.

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One of my husband’s favorite features of Safeway (other than the meat department) are the fuel perks. You can earn gas rewards every time you shop at a Safeway store and can redeem up to $.20 / gallon at participating Chevron stores. Safeway also has an excellent delivery program. How does having your groceries delivered right to your door sound? I live outside the delivery area but if I could, I would use this option on a regular basis. I can’t tell you how many times having groceries delivered would have been the most convenient thing ever. With the Just for U Savings tool available through the Safeway app and everything else there is to offer, Safeway is making shopping more fun than ever before.

Have you ever shopped at a Safeway store?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Safeway. The opinions and text are all mine.