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The Lotus Spa & Enclave aboard the Regal Princess

Disclosure: We were hosted by Princess Cruise Lines for the inaugural ceremony and cruise.

Regal Princess Inaugural Cruise Part 2 – The Lotus Spa & Enclave

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Shortly following our departure, we were given the day to relax at the Lotus Spa following our massage and bodywork sessions and unwind in The Enclave.  As you might expect, as a massage therapist and former massage therapy instructor, I’ve been to a few Spas in my day. I am considered an expert in the field of therapeutic massage and often hard to please. I was thoroughly impressed by the level of professionalism and quality of the bodywork we received. The treatment rooms were also very spacious and it was always quiet throughout the spa. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and didn’t go overboard trying to sell extras.

The Enclave, with its ginormous walk in hydrotherapy pool complete with benches, seats, and water spouts sent soothing jets of water right to where we needed it most. Also located in the Enclave were a delightful trio of thermal chambers. I especially enjoyed The Caldarium which is a ceramic, Roman style steam room with heated walls, floors, and seats. The heat was a perfect remedy for my aches and pains. The infusion of herbal aromas circulating throughout the room really opened our sinuses, lungs, and pores and promoted a deep sense of relaxation. Several hand held shower heads were strategically positioned throughout The Caldarium to cool down and alternate between hot and cold therapy. Chilled towels were also abundantly stocked and available to keep us from overheating. At the hydration station we were refreshed by a constant supply of citrus infused ice water.

(Thank you Regal Princess for treating us to amazing spa treatments!)

Churchill Lounge, the Sports Deck, & Fitness Center




Conveniently situated by the casino, Churchill Lounge is a nice place you can sit back and enjoy the game and a nice cigar. If you forgot to bring your own there is a humidor with small selection of cigars available for purchase. Servers also regularly make their rounds through the lounge to provide you with whatever you need. We found everyone exceptionally accommodating. We mustered in the casino but other than that we didn’t spend a lot of time on anything other than slots. The Texas Holdem table unfortunately was electronic and that really wasn’t my thing. Overall we did OK as we pretty much broke even so I can’t complain.

To make room for more food we burned energy at a leisurely pace on the Sports Deck. We shot a few hoops on the basketball court, played a few games of ping pong, and worked on our putting skills. At the shooting range we sharpened our hand eye coordination for hours as we took down electronic targets. The fitness center on board the ship is massive with more ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes than you find in most gyms. There are also free weights and machines as well as a cardio room where you can join several classes throughout the day. While I didn’t participate in any of the exercise classes that were offered, I did spend some time on the machines sweating out the alcohol from the previous night. I had a clear line of sight over the open ocean and enjoyed every minute of exertion.

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