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Reading the Ultimate Guide Before Buying that First Novelty ID

Fooling around with your friends or family members is the best way to trigger your fun instinct and tickle some good laughter. And if this fooling starts touching the brim of prank, then the fun multiplies, and it turns in a rememberable moment.

Many people go for novelty ID cards to grab such rememberable moments without committing law infringement. Even if you haven’t cleared your driving test, you can still buy a driving novelty ID card to brag in front of your friends that you have cleared the test. Wouldn’t it be fun to look at the envious faces of your friends?


Or if you are a teenager with a hormonal gush which triggers you to sneak into a nightclub before turning of age, without stepping on the law, then you might think to obtain a novelty ID card. But it can be risky!

You might be able to clear pass a bouncer with a fake ID, but you can’t do it with a novelty ID card. Well, only if the bouncer is too generous and you are too cute, otherwise it is impossible to trick professional people with a novelty ID card (Oh…things ae different with family and friends, they aren’t pro, you can fool them for some time with a novelty ID card!)

The reason is that fake ID card and novelty ID card are way too different, legally, formation wise and yeah, price wise as well.

Difference Between Fake ID and Novelty ID:

Novelty ID cards also called as souvenir IDs are naïve, just made for the sake of fun. They are not illegal because they are made without infringing any law or copyright act. They are not the replica of the original ID card; they are similar to the real one but with altered information and without an image of a hologram or any other thing which might fall under the category of copyright infringement.

However, fake IDs are made with the intention of fraud and deception; that is why a good fake ID card seems like a replica of the real card.  It needs state-of-the-art technology to produce a good ID card because you need UV ink and other high-tech things to make it look like an original deal. That is why fake ID cards are way more expensive than novelty ID cards.

And well, this is the reason that some bouncers easily get fooled by a fake ID card and let teenagers shed their adrenaline gush. And yeah, only if you will stand with confidence, not look confused and not make an ID with a picture of a white man if you are a black guy.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Novelty ID?

Before stepping all out to buy a novelty ID, it is better to learn a few things. Not every place, claiming to give you a fake ID, is a real deal.

Here is given a guide to get your desired novelty ID card:

Don’t Pay With Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is considered as money of money launders, drug dealers, and con people. And it seems to be true because bitcoin is free from the constraints of a bank account or any paper trail of the transaction. So, many people consider it as the best option for payment to get a fake ID card due to its de-centrality.

Some people might also consider paying for a novelty ID card through bitcoin, but it is not a good idea. Even if bitcoin will defend your privacy and save you from getting caught in a system, it is not suggestable to go for bitcoin payment. You will not have any proof of your payment because bitcoin payment has no money trail. And what if your vendor will not send you ID card despite payment? You will not have any proof to claim your purchase.

If you don’t want to lose your money, then it is better to buy BTC with coinbase and transfer them to an e-wallet or smartphone wallet. Then pay from these wallets to secure your deal.

Avoid Payment by Reload Card:

Besides avoiding payment through bitcoin, you should also avoid making payments through reload cards. If a website is demanding payment by a reload card, the probability is that it is a scam.

Reload cards are not for online payments. If you use a reload card, then your novelty card might not be delivered, or you might become prey of identity theft or credit card theft.

It is never advisable to do transactions through ID cards from places which you already know are ‘bad’. They are already doing illegal things; they wouldn’t hesitate to add a bit more illegality in their life.

Though novelty ID card is not illegal if you aren’t using holograms, but people making novelty ID cards do know the con art. They can implement on you either!

Look for Reviews:

It is always better to buy from safe sides like Fakeyourid or take advice and look for reviews before making any online purchase. It can save your neck in many ways because virtuality and anonymity always bring high chances of scam and blunders. Same goes for novelty ID card!

Look for online reviews about the website that claims to sell novelty ID card – it’s dealing, its originality, and the quality of the delivered products – be sure of everything. This can save your money along with saving you from becoming the fodder of a predator, i.e., scammer or a hacker.

Verifying the reliability of the site is essential before making any purchase.

Make Sure Things are Kept Legal:

There is a very fine line between a legal novelty ID card and an illegal one. If you are just printing the name of the state, your photo, signature, birth date, address, expiry date, and other details on the novelty driving license, things will be alright. Your card will be considered legal as you are neither committing any copyright infringement nor intending any illegal use.

Once you use government seal or a hologram mark on the card, your novelty ID card will no longer remain legal. It will be deemed illegal, and its possession can end you up in a legal issue.

Get Novelty Card Not Fake:

Fake IDs are made through advanced technology because they are meant to be a replica of the actual card. They use UV (ultra-violet) ink, holograms, magnetic strip, or a barcode to clear all the possible security features. Make sure your novelty ID card doesn’t have all these features. Otherwise, it will be considered as a fake ID, not a novelty ID.

Moreover, a novelty ID card usually has a disclaimer put in permanent red ink if it has even a bit resemblance to the original one.


If you are looking to prank your friends or family through a novelty ID card, then go ahead. Do it! What can be funnier than receiving congratulatory messages from your whole squad even when you haven’t cleared your driving test?

But before buying your ultimate fake driving card to become king or queen of pranksters, it is better to consider above given things.



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