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Re-Energizing Your Animal Companion: Learn to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Puppy in 5 Easy Steps

Taking care of a puppy is much like taking care of a baby. These precious animals require a lot of care and attention so they can grow strong, healthy, and happy. With the right care, puppies are less likely to become ill and will grow strong. Knowing the steps to take to choose the best dog food for your pup is essential.

Why Is Your Puppy’s Food So Important?

Some puppy owners do not realize the importance of feeding their dog high-quality dog food. Not all puppy foods are created equal, but companies like VIP Puppies do provide the right level of nutrition.

To ensure the right puppy food is chosen, it is wise to discuss the food with your vet. Your vet will be able to give you information on the puppy’s nutrition needs and caloric intake so you will know what to feed and when.

Puppy food is formulated completely differently from adult dog food. Puppies have certain nutrition needs and must steadily pack on weight so they can grow correctly. Adult dog foods simply do not provide the necessary nutrients a puppy needs and their health and growth rate could be affected when feeding these foods.

How to Choose the Right Puppy Food

Choosing puppy food is a big decision to make. Feeding the right food will make your puppy grow strong and healthy. The following factors should be considered when choosing any puppy food.

  • The first ingredient should be meat and not corn or some other type of filler. Cheap dog foods will have the first ingredient as corn and these foods should be avoided.
  • It is wise to choose puppy foods that have been through AAFCO feeding trials to ensure they offer the highest level of nutrition.
  • Calorie consumption is important to monitor because puppies need more calories than adult dogs. Around half of the calories they consume goes towards growth and development so quality food is essential.
  • The breed of the puppy should be considered when choosing any food. Small breed dogs have special needs over larger breeds and should be fed accordingly. In most cases, puppies will need four feedings a day for the right nutrition for growing dogs.
  • When it comes time to transition from puppy food to adult dog food, take time. Add in a small amount of adult dog food with each feeding and slowly reduce the puppy food.

Exercise Is Essential

Your puppy is going to need plenty of play time to ensure their muscles and bones grow at the right rate and are strong. While feeding the right food is essential, it needs to be accompanied by the right level of physical activity. Try introducing play and toys to excite your puppy and invigorate them. Puppies love to play and a daily routine of exercise will help the two of you to bond.


Following the above tips will help to ensure you are able to choose the very best food for your new pup. With the right food and plenty of exercise and love, your puppy will be happy and healthy while bringing you many years of joy. Taking time in choosing the right food can make a big difference for your puppy’s health.