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Quick and Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Windows!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. 

A few years back when we moved into the house we bought we knew there were going to be some upgrades and renovations that would have to be made. It was originally built in the 80s and some things were a little dated. It wasn’t until our first summer in the house that we realized the windows, outside from looking old, were not doing their job. Granted, living in Florida it is downright hot, but when your windows are old, single-pane, and not energy efficient you can count on lots of $$$ and your cool AC going…well, out the window!

At first, we noticed there was a build-up of moisture between the panes of our windows on the side of the house. It was always worse when it rained or early in the morning. Looking outside you would see nothing but fog until the sun burned off the moisture. Our windows in the front of the house were single paned windows and I swear you could watch the air conditioning blow out through the frame. We needed an update. 

Is it Time For a Window Replacement?

Knowing when it’s time to replace your windows is never easy, but the  Sears Home Services window replacement experts help homeowners with these types of problems every day.  They offer FREE consultations and will do in-home estimates at no cost to you. We were amazed at what they were able to show us in regards to the condition of our windows and the potential cost savings of window replacement. 

What to Know Before Getting New Windows

You probably have a lot of questions about getting new windows. There is so much information on the internet and so many differences in opinions.  Sears Home Services has a great resource full of Q&As about what to know before getting new windows. One of the biggest questions people have is what type of windows and frames are best and how to choose from the many options that Sears offers.

Sears Home Services has so many design options to choose from to fit your needs. We choose a more traditional window with a frame color and grid pattern that matched our home.  Their Weatherbeater® Windows provide superior custom-fit features to suit your climate and meet your budget.

6 Window Care & Cleaning Tips

If you come to the conclusion that now is not the time for new windows or if you recently got your windows replaced, these window care and cleaning tips should come in handy!

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