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Quick-and-Easy Health Tips for Weight Loss

The cycle of losing and gaining weight can feel endless at times. However, losing weight and getting healthy is more than just cutting out dessert, it’s about making sustainable, everyday changes that will impact your lifestyle. If you find yourself stuck in the constant losing and gaining weight cycle, you need some simple and easily implementable tips for your health tool belt. Here are some doable health tips for losing weight — the sustainable way.

Be at peace with the fact that not every day will be perfect.

Remember that losing weight involves a lifestyle change more than anything. That means that not every day will be perfect, and that’s okay. It’s fine to spend time with friends and have a nice dinner out or to treat yourself to an ice cream cone after a big work deadline is done. Not every day will be a day you hold up all your healthy habits, and the sooner you realize that, the more sustainable your weight loss will be.




Do exercise you actually like.

The best way to make sure you keep your exercise regimen is by performing an exercise that you actually like. If you really enjoy swimming, you may want to take up laps or water aerobics. If you have a competitive edge, consider picking up basketball or soccer. And if running clears your head, hit the treadmill or the sidewalk around your neighborhood. As long as you enjoy the exercise you’re doing, you will do it more frequently.




Try a few meal replacement smoothies to keep your metabolism up.

While you shouldn’t switch to an all-liquid diet, having a few meal replacement smoothies each month (or week) is a great way to reset and kickstart your metabolism. Find some recipes for smoothies for weight loss that have all the nutrients you need, enough protein to keep you full, and with flavors, you love like strawberry and spinach or blueberries and kale. If you’re feeling sassy (or just want the extra fiber), add some chia seeds to your weight loss smoothie, even if it wasn’t in the smoothie recipe. Smoothies can be great for any weight loss journey because they are so easy: all you need is some protein powder, frozen berries, veggies, and a blender.




Get friends in on it.

Your weight loss journey will be way more fun if you convince your friends to join you in your endeavors. Plus, if they become a true fitness buddy and join you at the gym, you’ll have someone in your life who will help keep you accountable without being judgmental.




Quit your vices.

Since weight loss is a lifestyle change, you’ll want to address other vices in your life that are contributing to your unhealthy weight. If you drink frequently or are a smoker, these things can affect your weight loss progress. While you’re cutting carbs, consider switching out your nicotine cigarette for a CBD cigarette. CBD is a great alternative to nicotine because it is not addictive and can be ingested in a number of different ways, such as CBD oil, CBD tinctures, or inflammation of CBD joints. If you’re looking for a healthier replacement for your smoke fix, CBD can help. While more studies need to be done around CBD (cannabidiol), many find that CBD relaxes them and makes them feel less stress. For some, it alleviates pain. Plain Jane is a trustworthy source that sells a variety of high-quality CBD products, and you’re sure to find something you like.




Love yourself at every weight.

Many people want to lose weight because they hate the way they look, but you must understand that you cannot hate yourself thin. You have to adopt the mentality that you are beautiful and handsome at every weight, and that any steps you make toward losing weight are in fact an act of love towards yourself as well. Looking at it like this is a great way to avoid cycles of unhealthy eating and a downturn in mental health.




  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Great advice because sometimes I need to remind mysewlf that it is okay to eat ice cream once in awhile.