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Play Solitaire by MobilityWare

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Blog Meets Brand for MobilityWare. All opinions are mine. 


Solitaire by MobilityWare is how I entertain myself during the holidays. When everyone starts talking about politics and religion, I retreat to my phone and skip all the nonsense. Solitaire by MobilityWare is the original maker of solitaire with daily challenges and they are always doing updates and adding all sorts of fun features and new themes. My favorite is the snowmen!


I’ve been playing solitaire all my life. Some people meditate or do yoga but I prefer card games to center myself. I’ve always been a fan of solitaire games on Windows and love this app even more so because I can take it with me anywhere. Card games are perfect for rainy days and family gatherings.

MobilityWare Solitaire even has iMessage Stickers for your text messages. When I want to send one I open the messages app, tap the apps button, and select the Solitaire icon. There are all sorts of neat stickers to choose from that are really fun to use. I’m always getting compliments on them.

Not only is MobilityWare Solitaire fun and easy to play, you can even play the Daily Challenges on your Apple Watch. I play the deals every day and replay until my heart is content. One of my favorite options is the draw 3 option and it’s even reflected on my Apple Watch. I love it!

Every day I look forward to earning crowns and receiving trophies. I mostly play by myself but sometimes I challenge other players in real time. How it works is each player is dealt the same hand and everyone competes against each other. I think it’s an awesome way to test your solitaire strategy.

Multiplayer solitaire may sound kind of weird to some but not me. Growing up my sister used to watch me play for hours on end. Once she could play on her own, we used to sit together with our own decks and talk while we played. Those were some of the most memorable times in my life. Solitaire doesn’t have to be solitary. It’s fun to share your experience with friends, loved ones, and even random people.

MobilityWare Solitaire is great because if you haven’t won in a while you can play Winning Deals to get a hand that has at least one guaranteed solution. I’ve used it a few times to break losing streaks and really enjoy it. If you get stuck you can even use the Show Me How To Win feature and it will guide you through the moves you need to make to win. This feature is perfect for kids and people new to the game.


If you’re looking for a fun game to play during the holidays, look no further. MobilityWare Solitaire is one of the best time wasters out there. It’s available for download in iTunes and your device’s app store.

What do you like about solitaire?


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Sounds like something I can play in waiting rooms, airports and while traveling. Thanks for the heads up.