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Pet Care Tips: Rotational Feeding Diet

Disclosure: We are a Petcurean furr family and this post is sponsored by Petcurean.

Could you eat the same food over and over again?

Similar to how humans appreciate variety in their daily meals, pets, especially picky eaters, can enjoy an assortment of foods through rotational feeding. Giving them a different food on a weekly or monthly basis is a great option for mixing things up, so your pet doesn’t get bored. A rotational feeding diet can include a mix of recipes and different types of food like dry, canned or freeze-dried. Some people believe that feeding foods with different nutritional makeup will give your pet a more rounded diet. In addition, feeding a wet food in rotation can help with hydration.

When transitioning your pet to a rotational feeding schedule, a gradual change from one diet to the next is always recommended. However, rotating foods that have a similar ‘base’ recipe, but only features different meat proteins may be a little less stressful on your pet’s digestive system. With Petcurean’s GO!GATHER, and NOW FRESH lines, you can do rotational feeding of the different types of food within each product line, without having to account for a transition period.  For example:

  • Alternating between the three NOW FRESH Small Breed recipes will provide picky small dogs with more flavor variety.
  • If your pet has sensitivities, make sure that you stick to similar recipe bases, like GO! Sensitivity + Shine Limited Ingredient Diet recipes for cat. Alternating between the duck, pollock, and freshwater trout and salmon recipe may help prevent any sensitivities during the rotation.

Our cats, George and Carmen, live on a rotational feeding schedule and they are thriving! I think George especially gets bored with eating the same thing over again and he lets us know! Have you tried rotating your pet’s food?


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I know this is true because my pets like variety and that is one beautiful Dane.