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Thanksgiving Menu: Pepperoni Stuffing Recipe

I decided to share with you a couple of my holiday secrets.  The BIGGIE is my Pepperoni Stuffing recipe.  I’m almost famous for it.  Even family and friends who can’t join us for Thanksgiving dinner make a special stop at the end of the day to get their “to-go” stuffing.  The original recipe was never written down or properly measured, but here is a rough guestimation of what goes into this masterpiece each year.

Pepperoni Stuffing


1 ½ loaves Stale Italian Bread
1 lb diced Pepperoni (cooked)
1 cup minced Onion
½ Bulb Garlic (minced)
¾ cup Celery (minced)
Cooked Giblets (minced)
Chicken Broth
Olive Oil (to make gooey)

Break bread down into cubes and set aside.

Cook pepperoni, remove from grease.

Sauté onion, garlic and celery in pepperoni drippings.

(Pictured: Pepperoni, Garlic, Onion, Celery)

Mash all ingredients together, add seasoning to taste, add olive oil and chicken broth until you get a gooey consistency.

Stuff bird and bake.

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Coming soon…. Pink Stuff.


  1. I love how this sounds, Lisa! YUM!

    • Try adding mozzerella to it too…..My family has been going nuts over this for years. I always have to make extra!

  2. Yummy! time for me to start looking for a turkey on sale.

  3. This sounds really good. Puts a little twist on the stuffing.

  4. I love stuffing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Pepperoni seems to be good in dang near anything, this must be yummy!


  1. Thanksgiving Menu: Pepperoni Stuffing Recipe…

    I decided to share with you a couple of my holiday secrets. The BIGGIE is my Pepperoni Stuffing recipe…