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Peace of Mind: Traveling with a Bluebird Card from Walmart

This post is sponsored by Bluebird as part of a campaign and I have received a stipend to facilitate my experience.  Opinions are my own.  

Peace of Mind: Traveling with a Bluebird Card from Walmart

Bluebird Travel

A while back I invited you to follow my journey with my new Bluebird Card by American Express that I got from Walmart.  Well, I wanted to offer you some insight on to how our experience is going….  Our family loves to travel, but to be totally honest we do not own a credit card.  We have the firm belief if you can’t pay for it in cash you don’t get it or you don’t go.  Unfortunately not all merchants understand this and often REQUIRE a credit card for services.  The Bluebird card has many benefits for travelers and we put it to the test this month.

Transferring in Times of Need

Our oldest son is 20 years old.  Since he spent the majority of his life in the Atlanta area he often goes back on the MegaBus to visit his friends. If you haven’t ever used the bus it is a great way to travel for virtually nothing.  He could use his Bluebird card to go back and forth from Orlando to Atlanta for under $20 round trip!  Being the worrisome mother that I am I take comfort knowing that if he needs anything while in Georgia I can quickly and easily move funds from my Bluebird card to his.  One of the best things is it doesn’t matter where I am or where he is because Bluebird has a smartphone app!

Roadside Assistance

Another thing that gives me comfort is that Bluebird comes with Roadside Assistance!  Flat tire?  Out of gas? Car won’t start? No worries, Bluebird is there to help you get where you are going.  These services are available when a Card User and a licensed driver are present, or the Card User is licensed themselves. Services are available when traveling within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, regardless of mileage from primary residence.   So I don’t have to worry about him being stranded in Atlanta when I’m home in Orlando.

There are so many things that Bluebird has to offer to the family that travels.  You can even split the bill of gas, lodging, food, and other expenses while on the road using the app and transferring money to one another with nothing more than a phone number.  Whatever you need, Bluebird makes a great travel companion!


  1. We almost signed up for one of these long ago. It sounds like a great card!