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Parental Control with Curbi

Parental Control with Curbi

We have entered that stage of development with James. He is the tween we all read about – rebellious and defiant one minute then sweet and cuddly the next. I never know what I’m getting but I do know that now, more than ever, we have to maintain parental control or he will be taking advantage of us.  Since school just started back up  he is glued to his smartphone again texting his friends and wanting to download apps. Fortunately he still asks me before he does it, but I am sure there is going to come a time, very soon when he wont.

Enter Curbi.

A very easy to use app for parents to maintain control of their cellphone and tablet usage. It’s like a virtual babysitter so that we can relax in knowing that our kids aren’t Snap Chatting at 3am or surfing the Inter-webs at school. It’s as simple as downloading the iPhone/iPad or Android App and installing it on your phone, then grabbing your child’s phone and enrolling their device.

Parental Control with Curbi 2

So for our needs we set some Bedtime rules and School Time rules. It was as easy as clicking an image, picking what to block, then telling it what times. I loved the flexibility of changing school nights versus weekend nights.  James wasn’t as thrilled…lol. However, I get much better sleep now!

You can take advantage of the 14-day FREE trial and once you fall in love with it  you pay only $6.99 for up to five devices.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Excellent idea for parents with children.

  2. I love this! My youngest is 16 now, but for the young ones coming up, what a great idea! I love that parents can take back control of these sometimes very addicting apps that offer children nothing positive!

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    This sounds like a really great idea. There are definitely some things that I don’t want my kids to see.

  4. My son uses an iPad Mini now, but we will be getting him a phone in the next year or so that I won’t be as able to keep tabs on. I like the idea of Curbi, I can easily manage what he’s doing and set limits. Great idea.

  5. This is such an easy-to-manage system. I will be looking into this when my daughter is ready for her own tech!

  6. hey this is a fab idea for parents with kids who go on tablets. Seems like it is very easy to use and set up too. x

  7. I absolutely love this idea. Curbi seems like it is a great way to introduce your child to technology and help them enjoy the benefits, yet protect them from the not so kid friendly elements.

  8. I’ve never heard Curbi before, but I love this app. I think it has an excellent tech. I’m gonna install it too in my iPad.

  9. Wow this sounds incredibly helpful. It’s so hard to constantly monitor this kind of stuff on your own.

  10. Neat app! My kids are older so I don’t really have to worry about it…Would have been handy a few years back!

  11. Elizabeth O. says

    This would be nice, so you can at least monitor or limit what they do online. For parents who are going to use this, I hope they explain why they have to implement this rule.

  12. Excellent app for teens!

  13. I never about curbi before. but it sounds like a great app. I will check this and install to mt ipad.

  14. Love it. Definitely helpful for parents and the kids! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh this is pretty awesome. I’m going to have to check it out, I’m all about safety when it comes to my kiddos and online!

  16. I can’t find it for Android in Google Play.

  17. Oh this looks a bit easier and more choices than the just the standard restrictions on the iPhone.