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Not Just Eye Candy: The Many Health Benefits of Bean Bag Furniture

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When you see a bean bag, you’ll probably think of it as a fun, quirky addition to any home, and one that’s incredibly comfortable. Yes, bean bags can add a great design element to any room, and they’re definitely the ideal companion for a movie day, but there are also some great health benefits to be had from these items of furniture.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a bean bag or you’re looking for some seating that could assist with your aches and pains, here are just some of the benefits that a giant bean bag could offer you:

Back Support and a Proper Posture

Unlike other items of furniture that are stiff and you have to mold yourself into them, bean bags mold themselves to you. Contouring to every part of your body, they help to benefit your posture as your spine is fully supported by the bag. You don’t have to sit in any particular position, just so long as your entire back is supported by the bean bag.

This will make sure you never experience back ache when you’re sat watching TV or reading a book again. And they’re also great for pregnant women or women who are nursing young children. But beware – they’re that comfortable that you may end up falling asleep in them!

Reduced Headaches

It might sound completely absurd but your furniture could be a contributing factor towards your headaches. If you’re not sitting correctly and your back and neck aren’t supported fully, this can cause tension in your shoulders and neck, which, in turn, can result in headaches. So, if you’re suffering from a sore back or a tense shoulder / neck region and you’re suffering from headaches, now could be the time to try sitting in a bean bag whilst you’re watching the TV.

Reduced Joint and Muscle Pain

If you’re suffering from joint or muscle pain or you’ve recently had surgery to your back or you’ve injured it, you may benefit from sitting in a bean bag chair. As it does with your posture, it supports every inch of your back, helping to alleviate the tension and stress that you may find when you’re lying or sitting down.

A Therapeutic Device for Autistic Children

In the U.S. approximately 1 in 150 children have autism, with their symptoms ranging from mild to severe. And one of the things autistic children can be diagnosed with is sensory processing disorder. When a child suffers from this, it means their brain doesn’t process sensory information correctly, with deep sensory input and weight-bearing exercises being some of the therapies used to help children with these difficulties.

Bean bags are one of the tools that have been found to help during these therapeutic sessions. They’re particularly useful for autistic children who have poor muscle tone or the symptom of hypotonia. Hypotonia can result from a range of different muscle and neurological disorders that lead to muscle frailty. And because of their mass, bean bag chairs help kids with autism when they’re doing weight-bearing exercises. For example, a child may use the bag to help when they’re lifting weights with their legs or arms. Furthermore, because of the different materials bean bags are available in and for their tactile inners, they’re great for sensory activities too.

A bean bags flexibility is another great feature for therapists and autistic children as they can mold them to their requirements. And because a lot of autistic children find it uncomfortable to sit in a normal chair, bean bags can remove this stress as they mold to the child’s body and alleviate any of the pressure points they may feel when sat in a normal chair.

Instructors also find that joining up bean bags for group sessions can be very beneficial for autistic children too, with them being able to move the chairs around with ease due to their lightweight nature. Their flexible design also evokes a sense of calm within the children and can soothe them when they feel stressed or frustrated, giving them the time they need to focus their thoughts and emotions.

As you can see, bean bags have a wide variety of benefits and not just as a design piece in your home. Promoting healthy postures, reducing those aches and pains you may feel when you’re sat on your sofa and offering therapeutic assistance to autistic children, bean bags are a great feature within any home. And with their durable, comfortable design, they’re something that you can your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Oscar Lucas writes about leading a holistic lifestyle. His articles talk about health and lifestyle topics and appear on a range of blogs. He is an organic gardener, enjoys cooking, particularly preserving the bounty grown in his backyard and is always on the quest for knowledge.