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New Programs to Enroll in the 21st Century

New Programs to Enroll in the 21st Century

There have been many advances and changes to the world in the past decade that have had a profound impact on the academic world. College paper writing services are one of the most popular place to work for most of inexperienced students. Most of them are hoping to get in on some of the hottest new jobs are now forgoing some of the more traditional college degrees in choice of those that will give them the training they need for innovative positions. If you are considering getting your college degree and you want to join those on the cutting edge, here are some of the most popular degree programs of the past ten years:

  • Software development – Though degree programs in software development are not new to the past decade, they have become increasingly popular with the advent of app development. It seems that almost everyone is in the market for apps for their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, and this has created a very lucrative market for high-quality, useful apps. This popularity and earning potential has caused a tremendous increase in the popularity of software development programs.
  • Library science – Although this may be a surprising entry, library science has become incredibly popular in the past decade, largely due to the invention of data mining. As businesses continue to utilize data mining in market research, this field is sure to keep growing.
  •  Search Engine Optimization – This degree is highly popular because businesses have discovered the power of using Internet technology and social sites to promote their products and to boost sales. As such, there are highly marketing graduates who have the necessary knowledge and skills in the areas of SEO and social media marketing.
  •  Environmental Engineering – As the world’s petroleum supplies head toward critical lows, increasing numbers of students are turning to environmental engineering as a career choice. Environmental engineers work toward finding new, cleaner renewable energy sources as well as in the development of tools and methods to help minimize and even reverse damage to the world in which we live.
  •  Computer Information Systems – The combination of increased laws and regulations regarding sensitive personal information as well as increased data storage capabilities, including cloud drives, has created a tremendous demand for database managers and other specialists with a high level of training in computer information systems. This is another field that is predicted to keep growing in popularity for the foreseeable future.
  •  Healthcare – While degrees in healthcare have been around since the invention of higher education, these degrees have exploded in the past decade. This is due, in large part, to fact that healthcare occupations continue to grow in demand even in the worst economic conditions. Students who want to be sure to have a high level of job security in the future are gravitating toward degrees in healthcare.

While many of the most popular degrees of the past decade have been around for much longer, they have seen a renewed interest from students due to the creation of previously nonexistent jobs within the field. As technology and society continue to grow and change, many of these degree programs will continue to be popular, while still others will join the list.

By James Powell, chief writer of bestessays.com team.