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My Top 5 Bormioli Rocco Picks for Fall

Bormioli Rocco makes some of the most gorgeous glass available on the market for your table.  You can find their pieces in all your favorite stores such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Macy’s, Target, and Bloomingdales.

The Bormioli Rocco Group

Bormioli Rocco’s first glassware factory dates back to 1825, but historians say the origins of Bormioli Rocco glass can be traced back to the Middle Ages.

Through many technological and financial investments over the years, Bormioli Rocco has grown from a single company into a group of companies and multinational production units.

Present in Europe and the United States, Bormioli Rocco continues to expand as a brand leader in the Home and Restaurant market, and has become well-known for its glass containers business for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers.

Thanks to continuing investment in research, design and state of the art technology, the Bormioli Rocco Group has become one of the leading glass manufacturers in the world.

Aren’t these adorable?  I just love the idea of serving my guests beverages in Bormioli Rocco’s colorful “Ypsilon” Jug.  The price is right too.  Purchase at Bloomingdale’s for $12.50 each.

We can’t leave out our husbands, can we?  Of course not!  Whether you are hosting a football party this fall or playing poker, give your guests that warm and classic feel as you serve their beer in the Bormioli Rocco Amadeus Palladio Pilsner.  Purchase a set of 4 at Macy’s for $21.99

Summer may be nearly over but the kids want to make a good impression on the new friends at school and the Gelato Waffle Dessert Dish is a great way to do it.  Purchase a set of 6 from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $24.99

Although they don’t look like much these Fido Jars are gorgeous and the largest one in the group is HUGE!  I love mine.  I’m going to make some pickles in mine.  The containers have easy-to-open metal latches to keep the jars air tight, perfect for preserving the freshness of food while locking out moisture, germs and other outside intruders.  Purchase a 3 piece set at Macy’s for $24.99

Cleaning and updating isn’t just for Spring, this Fall add Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Square Glass Food-Storage Containers to your pantry and/or refrigerator.  These allow you to conveniently store left-over or pre-made meals as you prepare for a busy week ahead.  The containers are mom friendly and have a leak-proof, stain resistant, and spill-proof design that is also BPA free and microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.  Purchase a 3 piece set at Target for $30.00

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bormioli Rocco and I received the Fido Jars as compensation for sharing these finds with you.  My opinions are my own.