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My Spouse is in Love: The Seduction of Online Poker

My husband loves playing poker.  Texas Holdem is his game of choice.  When he doesn’t have anything to do at work you will find him on his phone playing Texas Holdem using his browser.  He plays when he’s waiting in line, waiting for food, and even in the bathroom.  Yes, I do find him in the bathroom playing poker…lol.   Sometimes I think he couldn’t even use the bathroom without his phone or tablet to access the poker site.

When I ask him what the fascination is, this is what he told me:

What I wouldn’t give to be able to play for a living! I love the rush that comes from winning big pots. While I’m playing time seems to fly by and that really helps me get though those slow work days. There is nothing more thrilling than outplaying skilled players and taking down pots that you have no business winning. What I don’t like is losing and playing with people that criticize my plays when I’m the one that is cleaning the tables. Playing poker online I still have to deal with annoying people but how much more irritating would they be in person? You know those people that get all emotional after you break their bankroll and want to go all bingo on you? Or those people that like to run their mouth? Playing online all I have to do is hit the mute or ignore button (rather than their face) or click to another table.

Does your spouse play online poker?  Can you relate?



  1. Kimmy Morse says

    I really don’t know how to play poker so probably your husband really love playing it. He enjoyed the time playing this sort of game. Indeed, playing this one is great when you want to relax.

  2. Mary Ambrosino says

    Just be glad he is not playing real poker with real money. And what was that crck abot “going bingo”????lol…

  3. Kate Brown Wilson says

    I am playing this online, so true that this game called poker is so much addictive, sometimes during day-off i use to play this the whole day, I have to admit I really enjoy this online game.

  4. I love to play Texas Hold’em online. If I had more time, I would play more. I guess it’s that possibility of winning the big pot.

  5. I’ve tried it both for fun and for money. I also have a video poker app on my iphone. Don’t play it much anymore.