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My Experience Being One of the #WWEmoms for Wrestlemania XXVIII


In case you haven’t seen my blog or twitter feed lately than you probably don’t know that I have been working the past two weeks with the WWE as a #WWEmoms mom.  I helped promote the family friendly aspects of the WWE along with some incredible women: Rachel from RachelFerrucci.com, Monica from TheOnlineMom, Julie from SoberJulie.com, and Gina from WrestlingAddictedMommy.  I think my favorite WWE initiative, the ‘be a STAR‘ program was the most fun because it is an anti-bullying campaign that touches everyone. The WWE even had a piece of the Kids Choice Awards 2012 this past week featuring Slime Wrestling Championship featuring superstars The Miz and The Big Show.

My favorite part of this campaign was finding all the women out there that LOVE the WWE.  We brought them out of hiding and had great twitter conversations full of passion.  Our chats were so interesting that the guys were DM’ing us asking if they could join in.  I also loved hearing about our Wrestlemania moms that were at the event live.  The stories of the moms there with their families were really fun to hear about.

I hope the WWE will keep the #WWEmoms going because there are so many moms out there that loved having a venue to share their wrestling addiction.  If you get a chance, please check out these other great posts:

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  • Wrestling Addict Mom talks WWE.
  • The Online Moms opens up her WWE Diary for us to see her experience.
  • Suzanna’s story, Reflections of a #WWE Mom is another good read.

 Want to know more about the other great family oriented programs the WWE supports?  Read about them here.

If you missed Wrestlemania it isn’t too late to purchase it on PPV.

 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the WWE and I have been compensated for sharing my personal, honest opinion with you.


  1. I loved this year’s Wrestlemania,though I wish I was there at Sun Life Stadium,Miami to watch it!
    Yes,’Be A STAR’ campaign by WWE is one of their best initiatives.With so many cases of bullying that raise their ugly heads every year,it is time we all stand against it!

  2. To be honest I really enjoy watching this kind of entertainment, WWE is the best sport entertainment for family, we all know that it is all scripted, but its not so bad cause many people don;t think that they are fighting just for fun.