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Music for Aardvarks Coloring Jukebox App for Kids

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Music for Aardvarks brings music to a whole new level introducing interactive listening for kids! Available on iOS and soon to Android this fun app integrates coloring books to music written by David Weinstone. You have probably already heard his music as his music has been seen and played on NICK Jr. for years. David is grunge rocker turned children’s musician and his love of music is what brought around this very unique concept of fun, interactive coloring of pictures inspired by the actual songs. There are a large amount of tools the kids can use to fill in the pages too, not just your average crayon.

taxi-in -ipad

As a family we have started singing the Taxi Song whenever we go somewhere…

“Taxi, taxi, riding in the back seat. Roll the window up, roll the window down.”

There are six different albums on the app all available for purchase and not found anywhere else but on this app. We also really liked the Pirate Sam song on Album #9, it’s another one that was really fun to color.

Pirate Sam

Were you thinking crayons? Bwahaha, no this app isn’t like the others. With this app we don’t use crayon tools, think fun, think kids…think jumping frog coloring or bird pooping coloring or maybe monkey throwing fruit coloring. There are a variety of different characters to choose from allowing up to six different ways to “color”.  No matter how many times your child picks a canvas and a tune they definitely won’t ever look the same and don’t worry you can easily email your finished product to friends and family to hang on the fridge.

What happens when you put the music from David Weinstone with art by Stephen Kroninger? You get Music for Aardvarks Coloring Jukebox!

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Download the FREE iOS App beginning 10/14: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/music-for-aardvarks-coloring/id934521937

What’s your favorite way to color?


  1. This looks fun and interactive! I’m gonna refer this to my friends who has toddlers. 🙂

  2. NYC SingleMom says

    I love this app, oh so creative for younger kids. Sadly we are way past Music for Aardvarks.

  3. This sounds like a great app. I love educational apps (that are fun) for the kids!

  4. This looks like a really great app! Even my older girls enjoy coloring apps – i think it allows them to chill and relax!

  5. sounds like a wonderful app… my niece loves these kinda educational apps..will forward this to her. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. My youngest grandson will absolutely love this app! I like all the fun ways to color and I know he will, too. Music and coloring are 2 of his favorite things.

  7. What cute app for kids! I think its fun how many apps are out there for kids to be entertained by.

  8. This is so cute, I really miss all of these little kid activities, as my daughter is now a teen!

  9. My kids love fun music, and I love that the app is FREE! Sounds like a win-win for my family, thanks for the heads up

  10. This looks like so much fun for kids! I love that kids can be so creative and have the opportunity to use multiple senses.

  11. This looks like a neat app. An aardvark is an interesting animal to put into an app!

  12. This is such a creative and fun app that will definitely keep children highly engaged. We will be downloading this app for sure.

  13. This looks cute. I have a 4 year old who would be a big fan of coloring with monkey’s throwing fruit.

  14. This sounds like something my youngest would love. She has a similar app that she just loves.

  15. Oh this is the coolest ever. I will have to tell my daughter-in-law about this one for my grandson. We’re such a musical family I know she’ll love to know about it. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Looks like a fun app for kids. I bet my daughter would love this on her tablet. Going to check it out! Thanks!

  17. Ohh, how cute! I think if my youngest was a little older (she’s not yet two) she’d enjoy something like this. Let’s hope this is still around when she’s old enough to care. 🙂

  18. This looks like soooo much fun! Great fun and none of the mess LOL

  19. This looks like such a fun app! I love all the interactive programming out there for kids these days!

  20. Wow, what a fun app for kids! My daughter is 4 and I think she’d love it. Thanks for sharing.

  21. My lil girl would love this app! She loves her music and she loves her coloring,. Thanks for sharing

  22. My son would be all about this app! I let him have one of my old phones to have games and music on.