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Thoughts On The Most Outstanding Proposal Ever

Thoughts On The Most Outstanding Proposal Ever

Auzigog / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

A man’s life consists of a number of landmark, defining moments – a first date, saying “I do” at the altar, witnessing the birth of your firstborn child…and of course, the proposal. This legendary, iconic ceremony has withstood the test of time, and the best, most memorable performances from any man daring enough to go down on bended knee have required planning, preparation, and of course, a diamond of the highest order for his sweetheart.

Been thinking about the proposal? Take a deep breath, take a seat, and read on.

Classic Creativity Starts on Day 1

When you finally meet that someone, that special woman you know will change your life forever as your wife and potential mother of your children, only the most intimate and thoughtful of men really pay attention to the little things – how her eyes light up when she eyes her favorite chocolate truffle in the window; how her smile grows just a tiny bit bigger than usual when she sees you wearing that outfit she most appreciates seeing you in; when she bites her lip in just the right way when she finally admits what her favorite dinner destination is. These are the key ingredients to the most legendary proposal of all time, one that will live in infamy as you live out the rest of your life with this woman.

Knowing her favorite meal, band, and movie are great and all, but in order to really make the most romantic, intimate, and ideal environment for a proposal, you need everything – mood, destination, outfit, the works. Only the men who pay more attention to her eyes than, er, other parts, know exactly where to buy a ring and where to place it on her left hand. And speaking of rings…

The Right, the Wrong, and the Ridiculously-Perfect

You’ve seen enough Bond movies and Kay commercials to know diamonds are forever. Every woman loves to adorn a shiny rock on her finger and let the world know her man’s got her heart, and your woman is no exception. In order to accomplish this, you need the pina-colada-in-a-hammock, the chocolate-red-velvet-cake, the apple-pie-and-vanilla-ice-cream combination of paradise, the perfect pairing of the right ring with your woman’s hand. The Internet good place to start, but you need the goods, the dough, the stuff that only you know – the important details you’ve already discovered about your woman that tells you to go big a garish, small and subtle, or colorful and quaint.

Ideally, you can save a little money by choosing from the outstandingly cheap bridesmaid dresses out there so you can splurge in other areas. Jewelry is one area you definitely want to splurge on. After all, she’ll be wearing that wedding ring for the rest of her life. Right??

So take a minute to think – what jewelry does she already wear? Is she a diamond, platinum, or silver kind of woman? Zales, Tiffany & Co, Jared…? The answer is: you already know. You just have to think about it.

Guest post by Becky Wilcox.


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