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Men and Wristwatches; 8 Rules of Wearing Watch That Every Man Should Know

For men, watches play different roles and so are regarded as a fundamental element that needs to be taken with all seriousness. It is a perfect piece to portray your style in an elegant way. It can be used as a sports accessory or as a must in everyday life. There are many types and prices – while there are some expensive watches, there are some that are still well within a convenient budget. The same way, there are also different rules applying to wearing this piece of accessory. 

In this article, I will be showing you 8 important rules you need to follow when wearing your watch – you can’t just ignore them if you want to wear your watch correctly.

#1: You must choose a watch that fits your wrist

The wristband of the watch you choose is very important. You need to choose a watch with a band that fits. It should be tight enough so that it does not slip off the wrist when moved and loose enough so that it does not leave a mark. The ideal size is approximately 1 cm between the skin and the strap.

#2: You should wear your watch under the sleeve

Even though you want people to see how elegant and awesome your watch is, you are not to make it to glaring that you want to showcase it. When standing, the sleeve of your clothes should completely cover your watch, this way when you have your arms parallel to the floor, your shirt will rise slightly and leave it in view in a subtle way. Using it on the garment will give the impression that you are trying too hard to exhibit it.

#3: Choose the least active hand

There is no specific wrist on which you should wear your watch. But it is most advisable to wear the watch on the less active wrist so that it does not interfere with your movements. And because it usually becomes uncomfortable when writing, however, it can be used in either of the two for occasions such as parties or during exercise.

#4: Put it in the correct position

The ulna is the arm bone that is aligned with the little finger and has a small protrusion on which the watch should be placed because it is the point at which it looks more aesthetic. Not too high or low, or interfering with the axis of rotation of the hand. So, when wearing your watch, you need to carefully put this into consideration or else, you will be wearing it wrongly. 

#5: Size is essential

Men’s watches of excessive sizes are completely out of place. The ideal diameter varies between 34 to 50 millimeters so that it looks elegant and in keeping with the hand. The models that exceed 50 millimeters are uncomfortable, heavy and draw attention in a negative way. You wouldn’t want to do that. Would you?

#6: remember to combine your watch with your shoes

The best way to combine watches for men is to look at what shoes you are wearing. If you wear formal shoes, opt for a smartwatch with a metal bracelet. When wearing sneakers, choose a sports one and if your shoes are casual like boots or sandals, choose one for everyday wear, like the classic one with a leather bracelet.

#7: Never should you forget to wear a watch on important occasions

Whether you are going to close a deal, attending a job interview, or you want to promote your brand or going to give a lecture, your watch is a reflection of who you are. Try to choose one that suits your personality to show that you take care of your appearance and look for a good impression. And if you are going on a date, a watch is a plus to your dressing and how you appear. 

#8: Remember the function of your watch

It can be very funny when a person who uses a watch looks at the time on his cell phone or asks other people what time it is. So, you should never forget that you have time on your wrist and always keep the minutes updated so as not to suffer setbacks.



  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Some of these tips I never knew. Thanks.