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Meals At Work Don’t Have To Be Unhealthy #Under500 Calories featuring Marie Callender’s

I work outside of the home FT and for the past year I have found that I have been skipping lunch more regularly and substituting unhealthy choices from the vending machine.  I hate leaving work during the day to go out for lunch because, quite frankly, I might not go back.  On most days my mornings are so busy that I don’t have time to make a lunch or in most cases completely forget.  Last week I decided to change all that and bought a few meals at the grocery store.

One of my favorite frozen meals is Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie.  It is the queen comfort food of all frozen dinner comfort foods in my opinion, but for work I was looking for something lighter and with under 500 calories.  Since I sit at a desk all day I wanted to find something that was more healthy, yet still tasted like real food…not an easy task.  I ended up purchasing a few different Marie Callender’s meals including Chicken Piccata, a product from their Fresh Flavor Steamer line.

Fresh Flavor Steamer: Chicken Piccata

Calories: 360

This was even better than I had anticipated and I should have known it would have been delicious.  Marie Callender’s does chicken right.  This meal comes in a steamer basket that when microwaved doesn’t dry out the meat or load it down in sauce.  It also keeps the penne pasta from overcooking giving it a truer taste.  The grilled white meat chicken isn’t dry and the white wine sauce, capers, spinach, and Parmesan cheese gives this meal an authentic Italian taste that deserves two thumbs up.

There are currently 34 different meals featured in the Under 500 line by Marie Callender’s that include products from their Fresh Flavor Steamers, Complete Meals, and One-Dish Entrees.  If you would like to sample any of these meals you can currently get a coupon for Marie Callender’s ($1 off purchase of 3) on their site.  Next week I will try another meal from the #Under500 line and share my thoughts with you.  In the meantime, what is your favorite Marie Callender’s meal?

Disclosure:  This post in is conjunction with a paid campaign for Marie Callender’s through The Motherhood.  My opinions are truly my own and are not influenced by compensation.


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