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Massage: The Importance of Total Body Care

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Because moments happen every day, some days more than others. Whether you are stuck in traffic, late to your kid’s doctor appointment, dropped a dozen eggs in the floor, or accidently brushed your teeth with something other than toothpaste, life can be difficult sometimes. Sometimes it feels like you need a steamroller to straighten out those knots in your back. Your body works hard for you and Massage Envy is here to help ease your troubles with Total Body Care.

Total Body Care means putting the daily grind on pause and making time to take care of yourself. It becomes increasingly difficult to take care of other people when your own health and wellbeing is neglected. Sometimes when you take a break, no matter how long, you can make life so much more livable. Taking a pause for the cause, especially when it’s your own, can be really good for your health.

Incorporating massage into your routine can help you reduce your aches, pains, and stress. Receiving regular massage can not only aid in pain management but can also improve flexibility, range of motion, and even lower blood pressure. The list of benefits of massage is long and supported with lots of research. As a massage therapist and massage therapy instructor, I have seen massage touch people in ways they never imagined.

Over time I’ve seen people learn how to relax, remain calm, and become inspired to make healthier choices. I’ve experienced firsthand massage providing much more than just temporary relief from problems. With an increased sense of wellbeing springs a multitude of positive behaviors.

The more I am stressed the more I tense up. I tend to store tension in my upper back and neck. Receiving regular massage helps me focus more on the things that are important rather than my own aches and pains. By helping myself I can better help others.

Everyone, no matter what they do for a living, holds stress somewhere in their body. For just about every psychological knot there is a corresponding physical knot waiting to be unraveled. Sometimes a safe, warm, professional touch can be lubrication for the soul.

Massage Envy is here for you regardless of your #BecauseMoment. Whether you have been dealing with sick kids, working hard, hardly working, or whatever the case may be, Massage Envy wants to become a part of your wellness journey. Because massage shouldn’t be a luxury, Massage Envy has packages for every budget. Massage Envy is making it affordable for everyone to take time for themselves, just because.


Why do you need a massage?

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