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The Many Uses of Duck® Brand Shelf Liners #DuckShelfLiner

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Many Uses of Duck® Brand Shelf Liners  #DuckShelfLiner 

I have been using Duck Brand's Shelf Liner for as long as I can remember.  I haven’t just used them to keep my cupboards looking neat and tidy, but I’ve used them to ensure my glassware stays firmly in place.  I also use it to keep my throw rugs place and to keep my couch cushions from sliding out every time someone sits on them.  There are tons of things you can use Duck® brand shelf liners for and I’m sure I’m not even thinking of them all.

Having organized shelves doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty.  Duck® brand shelf liners come in an array of designs and colors.  I was sent the Smooth Top® St Baroque Green 12’ x 10’ and they were perfect for my cabinet drawers.  I like the Smooth Top® for my glassware and some of my cabinets because it provides great cushion and is easily cleaned. I also got the Select Grip 20” x 5’ Select Taupe Swirl that we used in our new storage cabinets. I like the Select Grip for my pantry and knife drawer because it has a great non-slip underside that grips the shelf to make sure the liner does not move out of place.  I used this to ensure my knives didn’t slide around every time we used the drawer.

Lining your cabinets is as easy as measuring the shelf then marking your measurements on the liner.  They have straight line markings so that you can cut easily without getting all crooked.  If you aren’t sure which liner to use there is a really handy guide on the back of the wrapper that gives suggestions as well as care instructions. My best advice is to be sure to clean the area well before putting down the shelf liner. My favorite feature of this brand is how easy it is to cut a straight line.  There is nothing worse than a shelf liner that isn’t asymmetrical!

If you are looking for even more ideas of how to use Duck® brand shelf liners be sure to follow them on Facebook and Pinterest!

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I always use this under my glass ware and I didn’t know they had a patterned one. Very nice.