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This Killer Hair Trend Is Long on Style

Image: Pixabay

Today’s hairstyles and techniques run the gamut, but one stands out for the extraordinary lengths it goes to provide women with a stunningly sexy look. That is hair extensions. While not new, every year when some celebrity steps out with hair that reaches groundbreaking new lengths, it’s a sight to behold and women across the nation rush to make their appointments with their hairstylists to get the do done on them. Women who don’t even live near salons that specialize in hair extensions will do whatever it takes to travel to a city, at any expense, to secure a booking with an expert who can transform them. The cost is seen as 100 percent worth the investment: One woman described getting extensions as getting a nose job but for her hair. If you too have been struck in awe at the Victoria’s Secret beauties strutting their stuff down the catwalk in ground grazing extensions, then pick your jaw up from the ground because you too can most definitely enjoy this style and flaunt it on your own catwalk.

Who’s Sporting the Style?

The real question isn’t who’s copping the hair extension style, but more like who isn’t? It seems everyone these days who’s anyone has been seen at one time or another on Instagram and elsewhere showing off these extreme tresses. Insta-models know they’ll take amazing shots with this style, which is why so many tend to showcase it for their followers. Some of the Hollywood notables who are fans of hair extensions include Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and MTV star Lauren Conrad. Of course, that’s such a partial list but there are just too many fans to mention. If you love “Project Runway,” then you’ll love knowing that host and fashion favorite Heidi Klum has rocked extensions in the past many, many times. Celebs aren’t the only ones going gaga over this trend. Everyday women are taking inspiration pictures of celebs with extensions to their favorite hair hangouts and asking to “look exactly like that.”

Where to Get It Done

Not every salon will grace you with the privilege of having hair extensions—and make no mistake, it is a privilege. You may have to do some legwork to find the right place for the job. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, either. A bad extension job can do serious damage to your hair and even cause hair loss, so make sure you have a very experienced stylist adding them and who can advise you on the best way to provide ongoing maintenance to preserve the health and integrity of your own hair. Fine salons like Colorado-based Elle B, which provides all kinds of hair extensions in Denver, have 100 percent certified hair extension specialists who can make sure you’re well taken care of and receive a professional application.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s definitely not cheap to get hair extensions, but then again getting great hair rarely is. That should be said upfront. It can cost several thousands of dollars based on how much length you’re getting—some people get as much as 32 inches put in, which can easily run well over $2,000, and that doesn’t include the assorted products that are necessary to maintain it. However, because it can immediately elevate a person’s style in such a grand way, many women will go through the process not once but several times a year even, spending close to $10,000 a year or more to keep the look going. They feel it’s absolutely essential because they can completely change their look.

What Are the Different Types?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to hair extensions. You can buy human hair or synthetic hair. The human variety will cost you substantially more than the nonhuman variety, which makes sense since the human hair naturally looks more like your very own hair. In fact, some women who’ve worn the human hair say sometimes people don’t even realize the hair isn’t their own; they just assume it is and are shocked when told that it isn’t. You can also buy various lengths. The style nowadays among celebrities seems to be extreme lengths that almost defy logic, but make for a great fashion moment and photo op. Some of the different hair extension methods you’ve read about in the latest hair and fashion monthlies include fusion (ultra fusion, cold fusion, hot fusion), tape-in, sew-in and micro-link.

Wrapping It Up

Hair extensions can open up a new world for you. It can be a dramatic way to reinvent yourself. The key is finding a hair extension specialist at a reputable salon who can help you achieve this epic hair trend.


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