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The KIA Sorento Keeps Up with a Busy Family

Sorento Collage

I’ll admit it wasn’t what I was thinking about when I was told I would be testing out a KIA Sorento SUV. I didn’t realize an SUV could be this much fun, yet still give you the feeling of luxuriousness.  I’m not sure if it was the cool backlit red of the dashboard, the detailed leather or the smooth, quiet drive.  Perhaps it was the booming sound system and the smooth lines of the vehicle? Whatever it was it kept up with our family and that’s what truly matters here on the homestead.

We put the vehicle through the test over the week we drove it and it was amazing.  The amount of room of the interior is hidden well from the outside. With enough cargo space for both the boys, hubby, myself and the needs of our growing homestead of animals this vehicle accommodates all our needs. Some of my favorite things other than the lush Nappa leather seats was the center console. It was so easy to navigate and everything was within reach. We loved the real-time traffic data as it saves you so much stress during rush hour with detours that help you avoid the chaos.  The back up camera helped me feel secure knowing I wasn’t running over any kids or chickens when I left the house every day.  A relief.

There were so  many little things I loved about the KIA Sorento that I couldn’t possibly mention them all. From airbags to protect my special cargo no matter where they are seated to anti-locking brakes and rollover sensors this is perfect for families! However, with the fun things like a panoramic sunroof, sleek look, and some get up and go this is not your average mommy mobile!  Did I mention the INFINITY sound system featuring ten booming speakers you can still turn some heads when driving down the road!

This vehicle is easy on the pocketbook too as the upper end model begins in the mid-20s.

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