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Key Considerations to Finding A Good Vet Service

Furry friends play an important part in our lives. As extended members of the family, they need just as much care as we do, which is why using a good veterinarian is important to the health of your pet. Finding a good vet goes hand in hand with pet ownership as they are not just numbers to call during emergencies. Veterinarians see to the care and overall health of our pet. They ensure they have their shots and see them for regular check-ups. Using a vet means beginning a continuous business relationship. You want to make sure you find the best one available. If you are looking for a good vet and want to steer clear of the bad ones, here are the most important factors to consider.

Ask Good Questions

It can be hard to know the right questions so here are a few important ones. First, find out what their hours of operation are. You want a service that is convenient, not one that practices odd hours. Ask if they have emergency services that can handle situations arising at any time of day. Ask about their cleaning methods. A vet needs to practice proper cleaning methods to properly care for your pet. This lessens the risk of infection. One thing to ask for is if they use Cidex OPA. Cidex OPA is a very strong hospital-grade disinfectant that hospitals and veterinarians use. It is top of the line and ensures every instrument they use is sterile.

Other questions to ask are how much they charge. If you are operating under a budget this is important, especially if your pet requires consistent care. Also, ask if they practice alternative treatments. Find out if the same vet will treat your animal every time, and finally ask about overnight care. If they are going to keep your animal, you need to know the exact parameters to ensure your pet will be safe.

Know Your Vet Needs

It might sound funny but some vets consider rabbits to be exotic pets. Others look at them as companion pets on the same level as dogs and cats. This is important to note because not every vet is equipped to handle your specific veterinary need. Vets specialize just like any doctor does. For instance, a livestock vet knows how to treat larger animals like horses and cows. They are also trained to handle the complexities of homestead animals like chickens, goats, and pigs. A traditional vet will most likely only know how to treat basic domestic animals. So if you have livestock, you want to make sure you get a livestock vet. If you have a bird, ensure that the vet treats exotic animals. If you own domestics like dogs, then you want a plain old traditional vet.

Look Local

You always want your vet to be close by. In the event of an emergency, a long car ride can be rather disastrous. Having your vet within a few minutes of your home means you reach help faster. No matter how good a veterinarian may be, it will not matter if they are three or four hours from your home.

Check Ratings, Reviews, and Recommendations

Once you have a general idea of the type of vet service you need the next step is to find the best available. First off, you want them to be close so narrow your search to locations under an hour away. Next, ask your friends and family if they have a good vet to recommend. First-hand recommendations are always the best. Your family and friends are great resources as they may already use a good vet for their pets. This means their information is the most reliable as it actually comes from a first-hand account. If your family and friends cannot help you, the next step is to search the Internet.

You always want to look for a vet service with high ratings and positive reviews. This means they are trustworthy, professional, and will take good care of your furry friends. If they have rotten reviews and low ratings than you can expect to experience the same lackluster experience. The last thing you want is to place your furry friend in unstable hands. So follow the crowd and choose vets that leave satisfaction in their wake.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Nothing is more important than a good vet. Just like our Primary Care Physician.