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Keeping My Eyes on My Family

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pearle Vision for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Growing up, my step-brother and step-sister wore glasses. My other step-sister had braces. I had nothing I could call my own, and I always thought it was so unfair. I thought it would be cool to have a pair of eyeglasses or a retainer or something that would be mine and only for me. I wanted to be like them. 

In 8th grade, I remember being called down to the nurse’s office for the annual exams they did in schools back in the day. First they checked us for scoliosis, then hearing, and finally eyesight. I didn’t want to say I couldn’t hear the tones because I didn’t want hearing aids, but I did want glasses so I pretended I couldn’t tell which way the E’s were facing. Up, down, left, or right, I just randomly picked the direction so that I would get the referral I needed to go get my eyes checked by a doctor and to be fitted for glasses.

I was never so happy! Mom, on the other hand, wasn’t thrilled, but she made the appointment for me. All week I was excited to finally be getting my own pair of glasses that were truly my own, and that didn’t need to be shared with my newfound siblings. However, once we got in the car and headed out to get my eye exam, I chickened out and changed my mind. I decided I didn’t want glasses, and when I went in for the exam I could tell him exactly which E pointed which way.

So, you can imagine my surprise when we met with the doctor and he told me I needed glasses. Even though I had been honest and hadn’t cheated, I still failed and needed glasses. That was in 1980, and I’ve worn glasses ever since. Through the years I’ve trusted Pearle Vision for all my vision needs. When I Schedule an Eye Examfor anyone in my family, I know that Pearle Vision will be able to answer all our questions and have a great selection of glasses to choose from.

Now that I’m getting older and have diabetes it’s particularly important for me to rely on Pearle Vision. This past weekend I went to one of their new stores here in Central Florida in Orlando, and it was as easy as scheduling an eye exam online and showing up! They were very thorough, answered all my questions, and did a GREAT job at helping me find the perfect eyeglasses for my face.It’s the extra time and care spent to help me find the perfect frames that made me feel just as excited for my new glasses as I felt when I got my first pair as a little girl.  I knew when I walked out that I had the nicest frames and the best look for me, thanks to the time they spent with me making sure everything was just right. It’s these small moments that makes Pearle Vision stand out.  

My experience was quick and painless. I was in and out just like that and not only did I get a new pair of glasses I also got a new pair of lenses for my sunglasses! 

How did you find out you needed glasses?


*Eye exams available by Independent Doctors of Optometry at or next to Pearle Vision in most states. Doctors in some states are employed by Pearle Vision.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I remember when you couldn’t see.