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Keeping Clean With Persil® ProClean


When you play outdoors as much as we do, you need a serious laundry detergent. Stains from kayaking, hiking, biking, and playing sports have ruined countless articles of our clothing. We usually stick with the same brand laundry detergent but we are always open to finding new products that meet the needs of our family. Fortunately for us, Persil® ProCleanTM sent us out some product to review. We can’t wait to tell you what we think!

Persil® ProCleanTM  Power Liquid and Power Pearls come in a sleek and easy to pour bottle that is just the right size. Persil® ProCleanTM  Power Caps also fit snugly into a corner on our washing machine.

When I kayak, I prefer a sit on top as it is easier to get on and off. Being able to get in and out of the water makes for a much more exciting outdoors experience, I think. I like to do a little photography when I’m kayaking so being able to get on and off the boat is a huge plus. The closer I get to wildlife the more the thrill.

Getting in and out of the boat usually requires stepping in a bit of mud, swamp muck, or whatever you want to call it. Before you know it you can have mud in places you ever knew you had and completely ruin your clothes.

Since we have been using Persil® ProCleanTM  our outdoors clothes have never looked cleaner! We alternated between Power Liquid, Pearls, and Caps to see which one worked best but they all performed equally well. I have always preferred liquid in the past but after using the pearls and caps I wouldn’t hesitate at all.

As avid outdoors people, we are always dirtying something up. There is virtually a load of laundry going 24-7 around here. I can’t afford to go out and buy clothes to get dirty all the time so I really need a reliable detergent. Persil® ProCleanTM  hasn’t let us down at all and since we’ve been using these three products I haven’t thrown away a single soiled garment! In just one wash our filthy clothes look good as new and get to stay around for another adventure!



  1. My guys like to go 4-wheeling in the mud. When they get home the mud comes home, too. And it stains, bad.

  2. Mary Ambrosino says

    I would love to try this. My husband repairs cars so it would be perfect for his mechanics clothes.

  3. The toughest stains are my 3 year old’s clothes after spaghetti.

  4. rochelle haynes says

    I hate grease stains hard to get out