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Kayaking Alligator Lake in St Cloud

Kayaking Alligator Lake in St Cloud

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You ever just wake up with an uncontrollable urge to throw your kayak in the water somewhere and paddle your brains out? Well it just so happens today was one of those kind of days. I woke up this morning having a serious yak attack so I grabbed my kayak and headed over to the public boat launch at Alligator Lake in St Cloud (4835 Hickory Tree Rd. St. Cloud, FL 34772).

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Alligator Lake is kind of small but very scenic. I didn’t see much wildlife this trip but it was just what I needed. After exploring all the nooks and crannies my yak attack was gone and before I knew it, I was back home writing this post. If you are ever around the area and are looking for free things to do definitely check out Alligator Lake.

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Even the ride over is scenic. I had to stop for a second to check out an orange grove.

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