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It’s the 27th Annual Green Chile Festival at Chuy’s

Disclosure: I was granted an all-access pass to fresh green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico at the 27th Annual Green Chile Festival at my local Chuy’s to share my experience with you. 

Chuys Mexican Food 

It’s started! The Chuy’s 27th annual Green Chile Festival and it runs thru Sunday, September 6 at all Central Fla. locations (Kissimmee, I-Shops, Wally Park).

Chuy’s puts the green chile center stage this year by capturing a “music festival” theme with a spirit of celebration and discovery.

bacon wrapped

This is one jam you do not want to miss out on! This food festival is limited to 3 weeks and while the normal menu rocks on it’s own, this year’s menu features six new dishes including Green Chile Pork Tamales, Bacon Wrapped Pork Rellenos and Veggie Fajitas. Hubby enjoyed a large Frozen Watermelon Margarita and he also sampled the Spicy Cucumber Texas Martini. The popular New Mexican Martini, made with green chile infused tequila, was the festival favorite.

frozen watermelon margarita

Our local Chuy’s did a fun musical theme and it really set the mood when we walked in. It was such a fun atmosphere that really put you in the mindset of attending a musical festival. I thought it was one of the most original dining experiences ever when the manager brought us around and told us about the little idiosyncrasies of the restaurant.


The Story Behind the Festival

Chuy’s love for the green chile dates back to 1989 when their founders traveled to the “Chile Capital of the World” in search of the perfect pepper to complement their authentic Tex-Mex. The arid climate and rich soil of the Hatch Valley in New Mexico are uniquely suited to grow this legendary pepper and are not found anywhere else in the world.

As the first to host a green chile festival outside of New Mexico, Chuy’s commitment to offering the most flavorful pepper on the planet continues today. This year alone Chuy’s contracted with farmers to grow over 2 million pounds of the freshest green chiles just for their restaurants. When the chiles reach their height of flavor in August, Chuy’s will send a team of restaurant managers to the Hatch Valley to bring back the finest, fresh-picked chiles for the festival.


green chile festival menu

Customers are encouraged to join in on the fun by visiting their local Chuy’s Green Chile Festival merchandise booth for festival tees, free concert ear plugs and guitar picks. They can also enter a chance to win free Chuy’s for a year by posting a picture of their favorite Green Chile Festival menu item to Instagram and tagging @chuysrestaurant with #GreenChileFest. But most of all don’t forget to sample the incredible menu items!

 About Chuy’s

Founded in 1982 in Austin, Texas, Chuy’s serves authentic Tex-Mex food in an eclectic atmosphere full of color and personality. The menu offers family recipes from south Texas, New Mexico and Mexican border towns, all made to order from the freshest ingredients. Chuy’s has the reputation as the most fun and friendly spot to eat real Tex-Mex at a great price. For more information visit www.chuys.com and Facebook.com/ChuysOrlando.  

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