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Interesting Industries You Might Want to Work In

Trying to decide exactly where you want to work and what industry you want to dedicate yourself to is a daunting and complicated task. There are so many options and industries available to you that trying to pick one over the other can feel like an impossible task. To help break through this indecision and come to a final decision, it helps to know more about the industries you are considering to know whether or not you would be a good fit. To that end, this article aims to outline a handful of interesting industries so that you can determine whether or not they would be a good fit for you.

The Computer Industry

Computers have become a fundamental aspect of almost every facet of modern society, and that means that the computer industry is more developed and powerful than ever. Those who can develop and create powerful hardware and software to make the public’s computing industry more enjoyable are vital to this industry. If you have a love of coding, computers, and all things digital, you will surely find your place in this industry.

The Film Industry

One of the most lucrative industries globally, the film industry is dedicated to creating amazing stories and visual experiences for a worldwide audience. Whether you enjoy sound design, video editing, acting, or even catering, this industry is an aspect for almost anyone.

The Social Media Industry

One of the newer industries on the scene, this behemoth of a field, is constantly operating on the cutting edge of technology. This industry is loaded with highly creative and well-educated individuals who are dedicated to creating something truly spectacular. While the social media industry can be a stressful one to work in, its consistent challenges and engaging work make it one of the most enjoyable industries you could possibly find yourself in.

The Video Game Industry

The video game industry is one of the most incredibly profitable in the world, with a market value of over $65 billion in the USA alone. This industry is a wonderful place to work if you are a fan of games, stories, and the creation of wonderful experiences for your customers and has positions ranging from customer service to technical writing and many more, as with any major industry.

The Theatre Industry

An industry of excitement and entertainment. The theatre exists to wow and engage their audiences, and every aspect of the industry is geared towards delivering the best possible performance to the people that come to see the show. From stagehands to actors, the brilliance of the theatre is a collaborative actor from every professional in the industry, and their collective efforts show in the result. Unfortunately, the industry has been struggling in the wake of the restrictions made necessary by Covid-19, but that is exactly why new bodies are needed. The industry needs a solid workforce to make its way back from the brink, which means new hires like you.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    All good choices and need to be considered in this day and age. A good reminder to throw out for high school guidance.