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I’m Loving IKEA’s LURVIG Pet Line

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

IKEA is well known for their affordable home furnishings, but did you know they recently released a new product line for pets? Now when you’re picking up a few things for the house you can pick up a thing or two for your furry family members. IKEA’s LURVIG line includes products ranging from furnishings to food bowls for both cats and dogs. Yep IKEA now has it all.

When I learned about IKEA’s new product line it wasn’t long before I was headed to the Orlando store to do a little shopping. Although I had several items on my list I was most excited to see what they had for our cats. They were due for a new bed, scratching post, and could really use a few new play toys. When I rounded the corner and saw just how much they had going on in the pet department, I knew I’d be there for a while. I wanted to see it all.

The first thing that caught my eye was the LURVIG pet bed. I thought the bright orange cushion and white minimalist designed frame would be a fantastic addition to our home furnishings and a cozy resting place for our feline family members. I don’t know anyone else with a pet bed that looks like it either, so I just had to pick one up. The price made my decision even easier. At $24.99 for the frames and $12.99 for the cushions, these furnishings are practically a steal.

The LURVIG cat house on legs is a uniquely designed cat house that can also be hung from the wall or mounted practically anywhere, even the KALLAX shelf unit. It’s got a small opening and with a soft cushion inside looks like a real comfy area to rest and relax. After they wake up and stretch they can sharpen their claws on the built-in scratching post. IKEA’s cat house on legs is truly unique.

The white and black food bowls are cute and extremely well priced. So too are the doggy butt leash holders and leashes. The LURVIG line consists of many affordable, unique, and stylish options. The black LURVIG cat/dog bed looks like a mini couch that can fold out into an even bigger sleeping area as needed. Next time you’re out shopping be sure to drop by and see it all for yourself. I’m sure you’ll love it.

My IKEA shopping trip was lots of fun. I enjoyed looking at all the new stuff and would like to thank Petcurean for sponsoring this experience!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I love Ikea and how awesome that tey now cater to our pets. I will be sure to stop in.