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Ideas for Your Holiday Party: RITZ Holiday Bell Appetizer

Disclosure: I received products from NABISCO, this is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own.

Ideas for Your Holiday Party: RITZ Holiday Bell Appetizer

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It’s now officially the holiday season at our home and with the holiday season comes the holiday parties! Holiday parties brings along yummy food and drinks and I’m all about delicious appetizers! If you do a lot of hosting for the holidays Nabisco has a great resource, the Ultimate Party Planner where you can find more great appetizer recipes, coupons for your favorite products, and great entertaining ideas like using cookie cutters to cut your meat and cheeses into holiday shapes.  I’m sharing the RITZ Holiday Bell Appetizer recipe below, but you can do other fun shapes such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, and snowmen to make it even more entertaining.  The trick is finding small cookie cutters so be sure to plan ahead.


RITZ Holiday Bell Appetizer

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6 slices hard salami thick cut
1 pkg. (6 oz.) cracker-sized sliced mild cheddar cheese
18 RITZ Crackers
18 thin red pepper strips (I used roasted red peppers)
2 tsp. chopped fresh parsley (store was out so I used dried parsley)


CUT 3 small bell-shaped pieces out of each salami slice and 1 small bell-shaped piece out of each cheese slice, using small cookie cutter or sharp knife.
TOP crackers with salami and cheese.
DECORATE with peppers and parsley.

You can get your holiday coupons to save on your favorite NABISCO products at your neighborhood Publix here.

Holiday Party Ideas

Other than serving great food at a holiday party you should try to incorporate some fun!  Why not try a couple of these games?

Pin The Nose on the Snowman

Played like the traditional game, this rendition features our favorite, Frosty.  Cut out three varying sizes of circles for the body and several carrot noses.  Blindfold the party guest and have them pin their nose – whoever comes closest to pinning the nose on Frosty’s face wins!

Deck the Balls

You need two wrapping paper rolls and a two bowls full of ornaments.  Each player of each team is given a 30 seconds to suck as many ornaments out of one bowl while placing them in the other bowl. After all team members are finished the team with the most ornaments in the bowl wins.

Blindfolded Wrapping

Each person is given a similar object to wrap (think weird shapes).  The person who does the best wrapping job while blindfolded wins!

What is your favorite holiday themed game?