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Hydrate Yourself: The Health Benefits of Drinking Plenty of Water

Pouring A Glass Of Water

As a general guide, you need to drink somewhere between half and one ounce of water for every pound that you weigh, and that is what you should be consuming on a daily basis.


Clean water straight from the fridge is satisfying as well as healthy, so it makes sense to use a product like the Berkey water filter as a way of delivering your water needs, especially when you consider just how important it is to hydrate yourself.


We are all unique


The standard guidelines for how much water you should drink on a daily basis are based on the average person, but we are all unique to a certain extent, which means that there are definite factors that can influence your specific water needs.


It is quite likely that you may need to modify your daily water intake to reflect your levels of activity and you health status in particular.


If you like to exercise on a regular basis or engage in any sort of activity that makes you sweat, you will need to drink some extra water as way of compensating for the loss of fluids.


Where you live is also a factor, as living in a hot or humid climate can make you sweat more, which again requires you to drink more water as a way of compensating and to ensure that you stay properly hydrated.


Pregnant women or those that are breast-feeding, also need extra fluids to stay hydrated. So whatever your circumstances, take a look at your daily lifestyle and unique set of circumstances, so that you can gauge just how much water you might need on a daily basis.


Maintaining a proper balance


It helps to understand that your body is mainly 60% water, which should immediately explain the importance and relevance of maintaining just the right balance of body fluids, so that you can function properly.


When your body is sufficiently, it is like keeping your car engine in good working order, as your body uses these fluids to aid digestion, circulation, absorption and also, it needs these fluids to help with transportation of nutrients around the body and to maintain a healthy temperature.


You wouldn’t or couldn’t run your vehicle without enough oil in the engine or gas in the tank, and the same analogy applies to ensuring that your body has the right level of fluids to keep it running in good order.


Control your weight


Many of us find diets to be very challenging, but drinking water as a weight-loss strategy is a bit of a no-brainer.


Water is not the magic pill that helps you to lose weight of course, but drinking water rather than a caloric beverage is always going to help. Add in the fact that drinking the water is going to keep you properly hydrated, and it seems like a simple and easy strategy to help control your weight.


You could also include a number of water-rich foods in your diet. Foods that have a higher water content, like fruit and vegetables, will help you to feel fuller quicker, which again would be no bad thing if you are trying to lose a few pounds or simply stay trim.


Youthful properties


As much as many of us would love to hear that the fountain of youth really exists, water is a fair substitute in the real world.


Drinking plenty of water won’t give you eternal youth for sure, but a regular daily intake of the right levels of water will often help to keep your skin looking and feeling as good as possible.


Over-hydration won’t erase those wrinkles or fine lines, but dehydration will help your skin to look drier and more wrinkled than it would be if you drunk the right amount of water. Your body is finely-tuned to know what to do with the water, and once you are adequately hydrated, your kidneys will take over and excrete any excess fluids, so make the most of your in-built coolant levels.


Getting rid of toxins


It is also well worth mentioning that by drinking plenty of water you will be improving the efficiency of your body in getting rid of toxins.


The principal toxin in your body is blood urea nitrogen, which is a water-soluble waste that has the capability of being able to pass through your kidneys and then excreted through your urine.


Give your kidneys and the rest of your body a helping hand to get rid of toxins, simply by drinking the right amount of water every day.


Walter J Mcdaniel has worked in importing Home and Garden product business for over 7 years. He has a B.S. in business from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He has worked in Asia and Europe before he established his own company.