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How’s it “Growing?” #Grosomethinggreater

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How’s it “Growing?” 

Gro Something Greater

As we journey through life, we also grow. Some of us grow wiser but we all grow old. Growth is inevitable unless you are like me and need a miracle in the “gardening department.” I have never been known for my “green thumb.” Ever since we pulled up our roots and moved to Florida we have had the hardest time keeping our outside plants alive. Every time it rains, it’s as if every nutrient is flushed from the soil.  Florida weather is so much different than what we are used to. The drastic changes in temperature, extreme heat and humidity, and varying amounts of rainfall make keeping our landscaping and gardening a challenging endeavor to say the least.

Sometimes growth requires something miraculous. Who would have known by transplanting ourselves we would grow closer as a family? Since our big move, its like things are finally starting to turn around for us and in so many different ways.

Nothing short of a miracle can explain how we turned our lives around, pulled closer as a family, and finally began to experience success despite the odds and opposition. Nothing short of Miracle Gro seems to be able to protect our gardening investments from the harsh Florida environment. You should have seen the size of our squash and the robustness of our pepper plants! We could barely keep the plants alive just using manure and other fertilizers. Miracle Gro is kind of like life support for plants!

Everyone grows for a reason. Whether you grow closer to your family, your community, or whatever the case may be Miracle-Gro wants to hear about it at Grosomethinggreater.com. Come by and share your personal stories and get inspired through others. Share with the world “how it’s growing” using the hastag #grosomethinggreater! Some people grow for personal relaxation and some just for decoration. Whatever the reason we want to know!

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Nice looking plants. I have been using Miracle-Gro for years.