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How to Spend Less on Groceries Without Starving

The average American spends up to $18,000 on non-essentials each year. Much of this could be on groceries that people don’t need or waste. You know how it is – you only went to the grocery store to pick up a few bits. Instead, you leave with a shopping cart full of groceries. But, you can spend less money on groceries without going hungry. Just check out our tips to discover more below. Let’s go!

  1. Don’t Go Shopping on an Empty Stomach

When is the best time to shop for groceries? You may only ever go when you are hungry. This is the worse possible moment to shop.

Are you weak at the knees when you spot offers? Do you get tempted by costly snacks when you haven’t eaten for a while?

There is a simple solution. Just don’t go shopping when you’re really hungry. Plan your shopping trip when you have already eaten.

This way you’ll be able to keep a clear head in the grocery store. You won’t be easily tricked into buying groceries you don’t need.

  1. Eat What You Have the in Fridge

You may think that you don’t have any food in the cupboards or the fridge. But, there’s nearly always a bunch of ingredients you can put together.

Got a can of tomatoes, a couple of frozen sausages and half of the box of spaghetti? You’ve got yourself a meal!

Sure, you may need to get creative sometimes. But, you’ll save yourself money when you begin to think outside of the box.

  1. Your Freezer Is Your Friend

You can cook a batch of meals and freeze them. Whip up a Chilli con Carne for four, eat two servings and freeze the other two.

You’ll save those hours cooking from scratch during the week. You only need to spend a couple of hours at the weekend preparing meals for the week to freeze.

You can even start making meal plans. When you go shopping with a clear recipe and meal in mind, you won’t be so tempted to purchase products spontaneously without a plan.

  1. Buy Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Season

You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world in your local grocery store. You may be eating avocados from Peru, rice from Indonesia and coffee from Kenya.

And yet, many of these products are more expensive compared with the local produce. You can save money by only buying ingredients when they are in season in your local grocery store.

  1. Don’t Stay Loyal to Your Supermarket 

You may enjoy shopping in your local grocery store. You may even know the people who run it. However, loyally doesn’t usually save you money on your groceries.

Shopping around at different grocery stores can allow you to spot the best deals on your regular product. If you have enough time, you may always buy cheese from one store and fresh veggies elsewhere to save money.

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How to Spend Less on Groceries?

Now you know how to spend less on groceries without going hungry. Follow our tips to stop breaking the bank to feed yourself.

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