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How to Recognize a Good Lice Removal Clinic

You can easily end the lice nightmare by removing lice and their eggs only if you can get the right professional to do the job. But how do you recognize a good lice removal clinic? Well, you will probably need to do some research before locating the right lice treatment center for you. Obtaining referrals from your friends will also help you in getting the right lice specialist.

An honest and capable lice removal service is not easy to find, especially one that is near your home. However, from your interaction with them and even reviews found online, you should be able to distinguish an established company from fraud. Pro tips: keep in mind that a service provider who asks for money before doing any work is a red flag and patronizing an establishment with less than stellar ratings is a risk. Reputation matters!

Genuine lice treatment services will contain some distinguishing features like:


  • They have qualified staff members

Every lice clinic will need to have a qualified team of lice specialists on staff to ensure the treatment is fast and efficient.  You will need someone who has trained to remove lice (hair care knowledge is a plus). Because the industry caters to a large number of children and families, a high degree of sensitivity and patience is paramount.

  • They are credible

A good lice removal clinic is insured and licensed to operate in this field. An experienced company like Lice Troopers gives you confidence that their services are high-quality, hence approved for public use and consumption. Before settling on any lice treatment salon, ensure they are certified to conduct business.

  • They offer quality services

You will need a removal service that will totally eliminate and prevent the return of head lice and their eggs in one swipe. Successful execution of this will be determined by the kind of lice removal clinic that you visit. They should be effective and non-nonsense with their methods.

  • They provide great customer care

Many lice removal centers provide 24/7 customer-friendly support, but some are mom and pop shops that do not have a full team available. Who wants to wait for help when you need to get rid of lice urgently? A lice removal clinic like Lice Troopers has an open customer care line where you can send a message at any time and a team member respond within a reasonable time frame.

  • They have a good reputation

Word of mouth goes a long way and is often the reason why a place of business loses or attracts customers. The public image of a lice removal clinic speaks volumes and is critical in deciding if it is one you want to trust with your hair. A good reputation should tell you that the clinic is good for you. This is where going through reviews and testimonials is important before choosing the clinic.

  • They maintain high hygiene standards

When you arrive at your scheduled appointment, check the surroundings and verify lice technicians are practicing clean and hygienic practices. Observe how they use their equipment for the next patient. Do they sterilize the tools before using? Do they sanitize the work stations?

  • They offer quality services at an affordable cost

The cost of removing lice can be high – both the emotional and financial costs. Often, money is wasted on home remedies and over the counter products that don’t work and then you still have to shell out money for a professional to resolve the problem. Going to a lice removal clinic from the beginning will save your money and time. Reasonable treatment centers like Lice Troopers have flat rate pricing, instead of charging by the hour. Lice Troopers have been known for offering quality services to most customers.


Not all lice removal clinics are created equal. Be sure to set your standards high, conduct research, and go with a place that you can trust and depend on. With the aid of our above checklist, it’s easy to find a good lice clinic. Though you’re likely to urgently want to remove lice, don’t settle on just any old choice.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Hopefully I will never need this information but thank you.

  2. Kingsley R. says

    I thought head lice was a thing of the past, but man lately even my teenager ended up infested. Thanks for the tips!