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How To Plan An Awesome Trip To Orlando

Orlando is an popular tourist destination, especially for families with small children. Thousands of people flock to Orlando every year, and visits spike during holidays and summer vacation. The area has a wide variety of entertainment options, including some of the best theme parks in the world. In addition, the climate is absolutely gorgeous, being warm practically the entire year. Despite all these good features, there are some traps that people fall into that can ruin their Orlando vacation. Thankfully, utilizing a few tips and tricks can help you avoid these traps and make your Orlando trip one of the best trips you’ve ever taken. Here’s how to plan an awesome trip to Orlando. 

Book Ahead

As with any vacation, booking ahead has a lot of positives, but it is especially important when going to Orlando. Theme park tickets and their fast passes are in high demand, so securing them in advance is absolutely vital. In addition, booking ahead can be a great way to find a good hotel and airline. Booking ahead can get you a discounted rate on both, something that can allow you to increase your budget in other areas of your trip. 

Get Theme Park Deals

The most famous part of Orlando is its multitude of theme parks. Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are two massive theme parks that call the city home and attract millions of visitors each year. These theme parks have something for the whole family, making them the perfect option for a family vacation. Unfortunately, theme park admission prices can be extremely high, especially if you have a large group. However, don’t worry too much as these theme parks usually offer special deals and bundles throughout the year. Wait until the tickets are at a discounted price, and then scoop them up. You can then use the money you saved towards other areas of your Orlando trip, or you can put it away and save it towards your next vacation. 

Plan to Visit Local Sights

Although many consider theme parks to be the bread and butter of Orlando, the city still has much to offer outside of them. You would be cheating yourself if you didn’t dedicate some time on your trip to visit some of these sights. For example, an area of real estate in Orlando known as “ICON Park” is well worth your time. This area includes the recently constructed  “Wheel”, an aquarium, and several world-class restaurants. The city also offers plenty of museums, concerts, and shows to see. Finally, there are plenty of natural sights for you to see ranging from paddleboard trips to jet ski experiences. Orlando isn’t just all theme parks, there’s plenty that the city has to offer!

Make Dining Reservations

Another major aspect of planning an Orlando trip is picking where you and the family are going to eat. Will you eat at the restaurants in your hotel or instead opt to eat in whatever theme park you are visiting for the day? Will you take the traditional approach and simply find a local restaurant? No matter which option you choose to go with, you should save yourself the hassle and make dining reservations. This saves you from taking time away from your vacation to find someplace to eat. Sit down with your family well before you leave for your trip and discuss where everyone wants to eat. Making dining reservations not only allows you to relax more during your time in Orlando, but could also save you some time in line at those theme park restaurants or famous local joints. Do your whole family a favor and take some stress out of your Orlando trip by simply making dining reservations ahead of time.

Make Space For Down-Time

What many people don’t realize about trips to Orlando is how tiring they can be. Theme parks can be exhausting, especially with all of the standing and walking you’ll have to do. You’ll likely also be tired from waking up early to get to the parks. In addition, the Florida heat could be a factor if you’re not acclimated to the climate. All of these factors could take a toll on you, making you too stressed out and tired to enjoy your vacation. That’s why making space for down-time and relaxation is very important. It’s understandable that you want to fit as much as possible into your vacation, but you’re there to relax so take some down-time and truly enjoy your trip!


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