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How To Feel Confident In Your Skin


How to feel confident in your skin

In our daily life we get into situations where we have to seem confident to either get a job or win an argument. But sometimes it is hard to look confident if you don’t feel comfortable with your looks. Adult acne, overweight and other issues can influence the way you feel and therefore the way other people perceive you. It is important to find a way to either overcome the problem or just get over it and feel comfortable in your own body as it is. The following are just some ideas how to do it.

Overcoming your fears

A lot of people have problems speaking in front of large crowds or asking someone out. That is a lack of confidence. Usually it’s possible to overcome that fear by getting used to the situation, i.e. if a guy gets anxious talking to a girl he should try to talk as often to girls as possible, so it feels normal for him after a while. The same approach can be used in most situations.

Overcoming problems with your looks

People often don’t like the way they look. Either they are too fat, their skin color is too pale or another of the other thousand reasons worries them so that they don’t feel comfortable in their skin. Usually if you know the problem you can do something about it. For adult acne for example there is the Tria Blue Light gadget, that can help people. Alternatively you can just use simple skin creams by schrammek.com. Generally, if it’s not a medical issue it is possible to change it. If you have a problem that is out of your hands to solve, then you don’t have to be ashamed. It’s important what is within a person and not on the outside.


  1. I so hate talking to people in crowds. I did perform in a play in HS and spoke at my graduation. So that was overcoming my fears! 🙂

  2. Mary Ambrosino says

    The “Blemish Balm” sounds like a good idea especially for teens.