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How to Deal with Your Child’s Mistakes to Protect Their Future?

Children make mistakes because humans do. It is human nature to commit a mistake every now and then. Some mistakes are harmless while others can be considered as a crime by the law of the state. Mistakes matter because how they are dealt with matters! One of the most important components of parenting is to deal with the mistakes that children tend to make. How we deal with the mistakes that our children to make can actually make or break their personality and their future.

It is important to understand that every mistake is different from the other and one size fits all mantra doesn’t work in every situation. Sometimes being kind is all they need to embrace their mistake and to learn from it. Other times, it’s important to strictly explain and stop them from doing things that may harm them and people around them, now and in the future as well. Here are a few things to consider in dealing with your child’s mistakes.

Did Your Child Break A Vase While Practicing Basketball?

It’s okay if your child is excited for the upcoming basketball trails and dribbles the ball around the house only to end up breaking your favorite vase. That vase can always be replaced, but your child’s dampened spirit and lost morale for practice and a will to prepare themselves for a competition may never be repaired if fractured once. Clear up a room for them to practice if they want to do it indoors at night and tell them to be wary of their surroundings. Tell them practice matters but not being careful isn’t om!

Did Your Kid Burn the Bread?

It’s okay. One loaf of bread can be burnt if your child can learn to be self-reliant and cook for themselves. Help them, show them how it should be done and ask them to clean up the kitchen once their meal is ready. Share a bite and pat them on the back, they are ready to take responsibility!

Caught Your Child Lying?

It’s not okay. Deception always begins with learning to tell a lie. Tell them that they have been caught, explain to them how wrong it is to tell a lie even in the smallest of matters. You must warn them if you can see that it is needed, you may resort to detention if you catch them lying on multiple occasion. Tell them their lie is forgiven but it won’t be forgiven again and again!

Is Your Child Charged with Criminal Offense?

A fight at school, violating no trespassing warnings for the sake of adventure or even stealing a waffle off a stall for fun may result in criminal charges. It is important to protect your child’s future, not only to emotionally protect them but to legally secure their civic records as well. In case of a minor accused of crime, seek legal help from experts on immediate basis.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Tough love is the way we have to go sometimes.