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How Music Classes Help Child Development

You hear it all the time. Signing your children up for music lessons is a great way to help their development. But why does this happen? There are many reasons why music classes help the development of a child’s brain and their overall maturity. It will help them academically at school and it will also help their emotional intelligence. Find out why signing your children up for music classes will help their overall development as a person.

Brain Development

Giving your kids music classes to partake in will help to develop their brain on another level than anything else can. Many studies have proven that children who play an instrument have significantly accelerated brain development compared to children who don’t. Specifically, it helps a lot with understanding language and literacy skills. There has been a direct link found with kids who play music and higher SAT scores.

Another huge reason why music helps to develop a child’s brain is that it significantly increases their memory. Most children who play music are asked to memorize multiple songs, year after year. This enhanced memory translates over to the classroom when learning and to any other part of their lives.

Motor Control

Another reason why learning music at a young age is important for a child’s development is that it helps them develop motor control. The human body is rhythm-based and developing motor control can be a hard task for some children. Not only will playing music help to develop motor control but it will also develop both fine and large motor skills. It builds a brain and body connection that helps to improve muscle memory and hand-eye coordination. This means that playing music could make your child a better athlete as well.

Music Builds Relationships

Another key area where children develop quicker with music lessons is intimacy. Just like how every baby loves a good lullaby, music builds on a child’s ability to have relationships. It helps them develop a sense of security with themselves and other people. Starting this at a young age is crucial to building stronger relationships in the future.

Additionally, if your child is in a band class with other students, they will be able to interact more with other children who are submerged in music. This will lead to more opportunities for them to develop friends and have close relationships with like-minded children. Playing music brings children together and can develop bonds that last a lifetime.

When to Take Music Lessons

The younger the better. The sooner you get your children exposed to music lessons, the more they will be able to absorb from it and the better its impact will be. If your child has a very active lifestyle and it’s hard to find time to see a music teacher, consider scheduling online music lessons. Online music lessons will save time because sometimes there just isn’t enough time to take kids to lessons. It can eliminate the commute.

Music Lessons and Success

Music is a fun way for children to reach their more artistic sides earlier in life and understand more about themselves and the world around them. Many studies show that the smarter kids in the classroom are typically also the children who are enrolled in music lessons or band class. According to the New York Times, many people believe that enrolling your children in music lessons early in life will lead them to a life of success. Whether this is true or not, it’s important to understand that it will help them to better develop certain aspects of their brain.

One of the great things about learning music is because it is not limited to a specific instrument. Any instrument your child picks up will help them to better develop themselves. There’s no limit to how far your child can take their musical careers. It can start out as lessons when they’re young and develop into a band when they’re older and then a hobby. Enrolling your child in music classes at a young age is a great way to get them started in learning about the arts and also helping them improve their brain function.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Music is one of the most important things a child can be exposed to. A great article.