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How Do you Want to Dress on your Wedding Day…

A wedding is one day where the bride and groom can choose to do exactly as they want, with no boundaries. It is the one time in their lives that they have complete control and many spend months meticulously planning and organizing  the perfect day. The traditional white wedding is still going strong but nowadays the themed wedding is seeing a massive surge, including those themed on sexy costumes or ball gowns.

Image from Vigilphotogrpahy (Flickr)

For those who really are still young at heart, look to the super heroes for inspiration. There is nothing like a man in leather trousers and a bat mask to really get a party moving, complete with several spiders swinging from the chandeliers and the big knickers of Super Woman stealing the show.

For those with more conservative tastes, a classical theme may suit your needs better. If you long to walk down the aisle in skirts that are so large they knock out the congregation, consider a French Renaissance theme, where men wore tights and wigs. Take over a Scottish Castle or decorate your ball room in exquisite silks and chandeliers to bring the era back to life.

Colors always work well at weddings and allow your guests more freedom to pick their own outfits. A sea of black and white or a room full of pink can be visually stunning. Team it up with coordinated decorations and foods to take your theme to another level.

Even those with more traditional tastes can embrace the fancy dress theme. You don’t have to go to extremes, just find an idea you are happy with that will help create a day unique to you and your partner. Whether you think out of the box and go off the Richter scale, or decide to stick within the realms of convention, your perfect costume, be it sexy costumes, 80s costumes or a character from a book, is waiting to be discovered.

Guest post by Al for FancyDressBall


  1. My friends and I were just talking about this as one of us just got married this past Saturday. Two of my best girlfriends went very traditional for their wedding. I’m thinking the same way too, but one of our friends is thinking a black wedding dress. For her it’s perfect, but she’s so worried of what others will say.

    For her wedding though, the black works. It’s a reverse theme so she is wearing black and the groom is wearing white.

  2. Cheska F. Rodolf says

    I hope you can update your blog and for sure, we will be happy to read it. Thanks that you shared.I love this link up; it’s always so much interesting, so thanks for hosting!

  3. Kate Brown Wilson says

    I think that the best gown for wedding is the old traditional dress, because we all know that until now couples wear this kind of clothes. aside from that we can keep a marriage gown until the end.

  4. Mary Ambrosino says

    I like the idea of a black dress. My niece wore a traditional style wedding dress but her husband and all the men wore scottish kilts. There is something to be said for non traditional.

  5. I like the idea of a black dress too. Looks sometimes really beautiful.

  6. I’m still thinking about it all. Did not even set a date but of course the dress is in my head. I want white and flowy something like a medieval style dress! =)

  7. My tastes completely change from year to year. Can I get married every 12 months? To the same guy of course. 😉

  8. I’d like to wear a cosplay attire of my favorite anime character – Neji Hyuuga, I know, it’ absurd